Another incident which makes it quite obvious someone should be very careful when choosing a cosmetic surgery center was recently revealed. Cofepris (The Federal Commission for Health Risks Oversight) checked 1573 cosmetic/plastic surgery centers in Mexico to make sure cosmetic surgery services are compliant with regulations.

The Mexican Health Secretariat, after the last part of inspection was completed stated: “The health inspectors visited 22 plastic and cosmetic surgery centers to verify compliance with the rules and found that 10 practices were offering medical services in violation of the law”. The centers were obviously sealed while the clinics weren’t permitted to use unregistered products and no licensed doctors were overseeing them. Also  afew clinics located in San Pedro Garza Garcia and Monterey didn’t have license for X-ray equipments.


A total of 172 violation cases in 1573 cosmetic surgery centers is quite serious. Notice that some of these centers are responsible for cases gone extremely bad. For example the Cofepris officials closed a hospital therapy center and 3 clinics because of the death of an Australian woman that had abs/buttocks liposuction. Dr. Hernandez, the surgeon who performed the surgery is investigated by the Baja California Attorney General’s Office for possible negligence.  In other cases simple individual were posing as plastic surgeons.

It becomes quite evident it’s a matter of crucial importance to make the right choice when opting for a plastic/cosmetic surgeon. Be responsible.