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About Us

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Who we Are?

In a rapidly fattening world a group of people excited with Liposuction founded in September 2012! Our team members share a common characteristic: the passion for a good physique and health!

Our Goal

  • We built this portal in order to give people a clear image of the Brave New World of Liposuction while also presenting all Liposuction Alternatives! All this in as simple words as possible in order for everyone with no expert knowledge on Sciences to be able to fully understand the amazing properties of modern fat removal technologies that support us not only achieve an attractive physique but also maintain a healthy body and mind!
  • Besides we feel its important to provide our impartial/unbiased Advice (this is why this site is called LipoAdvisor) regarding your questions about everything that has to do with Liposuction! But we need to make clear that our advice CAN’T and SHOULDN’T replace the opinion of an expert physician/doctor!
  • The last goal of our portal is to create a directory of as much US Plastic Surgeons as possible in order to give you the option to contact them and ask them whatever you want or arrange an appointment!

If you want to contact us with questions or suggestions for improvement please feel free to use the form below:
Los Angeles CA 90024

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