Best Price for Safe Lipo

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I am seriously considering liposuction in knees, hips and belly and i am wondering how much will it cost. I live in Los Angeles CA.

Any ideas on how should i conduct my search in order to find a safe and cost effective option?

Any suggestions on the procedure i should opt for (Tumescent, Laser, Ultrasonic, Non surgical) in terms of price?

Thanks in advance

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Best Price for Safe Lipo
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Posted by Dannielle Mansour (Questions: 1, Answers: 0)
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Hi Danielle,

Thank you for your question. My best advice would be to have a consultation with at least two doctors to get their opinions on what treatment/s would deliver you your optimal results. Some clinics will allow you to email photos of your areas of concern to receive quotes before you go in for a consultation. Costs of treatments can vary greatly depending on where you live so a few phone calls to local clinics will give you a better idea on general prices.

In regards to which treatment would suit your needs you should see a doctor who can examine your areas of concern and discuss your budget and expectations. Non-surgical options are usually cheaper than liposuction treatments, however they don’t all permanently remove the fat cells like liposuction. For a more dramatic improvement liposuction is usually a patients treatment of choice. Ultimately it will be your decision as to the treatment you undertake.

I hope this information has helped and you have a great day.

Kindest regards,
Dr Joseph Ajaka

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Posted by Dr. Joseph Ajaka (Questions: 0, Answers: 31)
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