Chin Liposuction Recovery

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I am 100{f4e1575822752660c3387461b06f16047197db710b64f29e8565d582c3a8cd4f} in for a chin Liposuction but i can’t afford a long downtime because of hectic businness schedule.

How long does it take to return to job?

Are there any tips i should follow to reduce the downtime?

Is there a liposuction method that provides faster recovery?


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Chin Liposuction Recovery
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Posted by Alissa Jennings (Questions: 1, Answers: 0)
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Hi Alissa,

Thank you for your question and congratulations on deciding on this treatment. The downtime is minimal and most patients return to work within 1-3. You will experience some mild swelling and bruising that can be minimised by wearing a post operative compression garment. Depending on your doctors specific advice these garments should be worn for a set number of days/ hours to assist in your recovery. I have also detailed below some further suggestions to aid in recovery following this type of procedure.

I would recommend you avoid alcohol and any medication that can thin the blood such as aspirin and fish oils. These can thin the blood, cause more bruising and slow down your recovery. Be healthy pre and post surgery and always maintain a good diet. Good nutrition is a key factor in recovering from any procedure including minimal salt as this can cause fluid retention. You should eat well and maintain a basic exercise program in the lead up and also once you have recovered from the procedure. Sleeping with your head elevated and wearing your facial compression garment after the procedure will also help to speed up your recovery and reduce the duration of your swelling.

In regards to the liposuction method providing the fastest recovery, I see great results and minimal patient downtime when using the Vaser Liposuction technique in this area. However, it is always my advice to discuss these options in a consultation with your doctor who can examine your chin area and advise you on the best treatment options to suit your needs.

I hope this information has helped and you have a great day.

Kindest regards,
Dr Joseph Ajaka

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Posted by Dr. Joseph Ajaka (Questions: 0, Answers: 31)
Answered on {f4e1575822752660c3387461b06f16047197db710b64f29e8565d582c3a8cd4f}s
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