I’m I a good candidate?

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I’m 43 never had children and I work out 5 days a week and stay away from sugar bread ect.. not over weight except I have a little tire on my belly. I want to loose 3 inches and get t I’m told its age. I was 110 lbs until I hit 41 I now weigh 125 most of the weight gain is on my tummy. I’m I good candidate or would lipo be a solution for the results I’m looking for.

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Posted by Monique (Questions: 7, Answers: 0)
Asked on March 9, 2015 10:23 am
Category: Liposuction
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Hello Monique and thank you for your question!

It’s all about the volume of fat located in the area (belly tire).

There are two types of fat, subcutaneous and visceral fat! Subcutaneous fat is located below the skin while visceral fat is located around the organs! The first type of fat can be eradicated by means of liposuction while this is not possible with visceral fat.. Liposuction should not remove about 1 inch of fat to make the appearance of the skin smooth… so if the subcutaneous fat located in your belly is enough to reduce your size (3 inches) and leave 1 inch of fat then lipo will probably meet your expectations!

To get an idea how much subcutaneous fat is located in your belly area and if it’s possible to remove these 3 inches you should use a tape measure and pull it in to the point that you feel that muscle begins and fat ends.

In any case consult a surgeon for a better/safer opinion!

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Posted by LipoAdvisor.com (Questions: 1, Answers: 12)
Answered on March 9, 2015 10:51 am
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