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Endermologie by LPG is a patented, non-invasive cellulite treatment which combines massaging, rolling and sucking near the surface of the skin in order to trigger the breakdown of obstinate cellulite deposits and ultimately smoothen the the appearance of the treated area. Although this particular method is the first FDA approved remedy for the lessening of cellulite, it does not seem to be a very popular choice for medical professionals and patients.

How Does Endermologie Work?

Technically, Endermologie is performed with the use of the LPG CELLU M6, LIFT M6 and LIPO M6 machines, and it merges Roll and Lift action in order to pull the skin tissue and produce a wave that gently arouses the skin. The mechanical stimulation created on the surface of the skin emits a signal to the fat cells and promotes the formation of collagen and elastin as well as activates the course of lipolysis. The rollers utilized produce a tissue massage while suction (using two active rollers) disperses the skin and removes the hollows on it. The method diminishes the thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer, amplifying blood flow and lymphatic drainage, thus contributing to the removal of fat cells. Ultimately, the skin ends up being firmer and sleeker.

Endermologie is a multiple-session method and, typically, 14 to 28 sessions (one per week) of approximately 35 to 45 minutes are required for a patient in order to see noticeable results. Also, during the therapy period, the patients are asked to drink two to three liters of water on a daily basis to further promote the lipolysis process.


The technological achievements integrated in Endermologie provide a method that can accomplish several goals:

  • It aids in increasing blood circulation, thus triggering the breakdown of unwanted fat cells and cellulite

  • The technique applied can aim at the skin layer, near its surface, achieving far accurate treatment compared to other slimming solutions

  • It has a beneficial impact on multiple layers of the skin

  • It stimulates biological responses and promotes the removal of stored fat

  • It can be customized to various cellulite conditions

  • It delivers a soothing sensation


Unfortunately, Endermologie has its downsides too:

  • A major objection that several medical professionals pose is that this method simply induces swelling on the treated area; this makes cellulite temporarily less obvious, only to become evident again after the redness fades away
  • Monthly treatments for quite a long time are required after the basic series of treatments in order to maintain the improved skin condition

  • A significant percentage of people who have actually tested it report either unsatisfactory or marginal results

Areas To Be Treated

Endermologie can be conducted onto every body region that is affected by cellulite and cannot be encountered by a proper diet regime or workout sessions; the most common areas treated are buttocks, thighs, legs and abdominal and back area.

Side Effects

Endermologie is, in general, a safe and harmless procedure which many patients report that resembles a forceful yet relatively pleasant massage. Therefore, and apart from mild bruising and swelling, no serious side effects are expected by the use of the devices used. However, many patients who might be comparatively sensitive to pain are likely to experience a distressing sensation, mainly created by the rollers.


The charging for an Endermologie series of therapies is definitely one of its plus points. displays an average cost of $1,075, which is significantly less than a liposuction session while, theoretically at least, it can deliver more targeted results. On the other hand, and mainly due to the relative shortage in truly noticeable results, an extra series of treating sessions may be needed and that can substantially increase the final cost, which, even so, remains affordable.

Endermologie Reviews

As implied in the previous paragraphs, the users’ reports are mixed. On the plus side, a remarkable number of individuals state that Endermologie helped them achieve visibly less cellulite and tighter skin on the treated areas. Regrettably, a sizable percentage of patients claim that no noticeable results were realized while a smaller part declare that their cellulite looked the exact same as it did before the treating sessions. In addition, the final outcome is highly dependable on the doctor who will be in charge of conducting it, and a non-certified practitioner will be very likely to get things wrong. In order to give you a better idea on Endermologie we just published an article with multiple Testimonials on Endermologie!

Before and After Photos

Endermologie Before After Photos - Thighs

Endermologie Before After Photos – Thighs

Endermologie Before After Photos - Abs Buttocks

Endermologie Before After Photos – Abs Buttocks

Endermologie Before After Photos - Buttocks

Endermologie Before After Photos – Buttocks

Our Advice

Endermologie is a treating method for cellulite that can either work or not. Of course, it seems as a rational choice over liposuction, as it can target much better at the top layer of fat under the skin. Yet, most individuals could achieve the results they are longing for, with remarkable success, on their own simply by adopting a more sensible diet plan and by working out more – and, as a matter of fact, that is the exact advice the doctor performing Endermologie will give you! In any case, if you do decide to have an Endermologie series of treatments, you should know that the best candidates are men and women generally healthy and slim, usually between 30 and 50 years old.

PS: Before Opting for an aesthetic procedure please read our article on the Ethics of Aesthetics to help yourself choose responsibly!

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