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Hips and Waist Liposuction

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Hips and Waist Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed liposuction procedures, given that not only these are prominent areas of the body but that they also consist spots where fat is often accumulated, primarily due to genetic characteristics. In general, it is quite tricky to burn fat from this region even after following a strict exercise and diet regime. In fact, even after significant weight loss, the loose appearance of the hips and waist can remain. Therefore, below are some useful info on what this method has to offer.

Top Method for Hips And Waist Liposuction

In line with most cosmetic procedures today, Hips and Waist Liposuction is most commonly and effectively performed using Tumescent Liposuction (complete article here), which is the method that can accomplish a smooth profile and a fine contouring through local anesthesia, tiny incisions and brief recovery time.

However, some other techniques can be regarded as equally appropriate, or even more in some occasions, for the wanted effects. For example, Laser Liposuction is also a minimally obtrusive solution, focusing on smaller spots and involving reduced pain and recovery time. Also, Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction (like BodyTite) is a more sophisticated solution, which works by using Radio Frequency to break the fat cells, applying exclusively local anesthetic and guaranteeing a short recovery time.

Obviously, the decision of the most appropriate method is a matter that relies mostly upon the surgeon you will opt for and his experience.

Hips And Waist Liposuction Reviews

In accordance with the above presented, real users’ stories typically verify the effectiveness of the procedure. Despite the fact that the feedback is not massive, and taking the subjectivity of the reviews also into consideration, the verdict is beneficial, since most patients report that the operation delivered them smoother and slimmer contour to their hips and waist, bringing an even and nicely proportioned body figure. Yet, a minority of reviewers claim that the results were not evident while discomfort was sometimes more intense than they had expected.

More Facts About Hips and Waist Liposuction

For those who need circumferential hips liposuction, completing it in stages may be the proper way to reduce safety risks and speed up recovery time. For instance, the initial procedure might encompass hips and outer thighs, and then, after a couple of months of healing, the patient can go in for a second procedure other areas of the waist. By separating the procedures, the amount of bruising and swelling can be limited, fluid loss can be stemmed and the risk of deep vein thrombosis can be reduced. So, if a doctor attempts to talk you into getting it all done at once, you probably want to go find another doctor.

In many cases, fat accumulation tends to include the outer thighs (apart from hips and waist), so probably the patient should opt for liposuction on this area of the body as well. Also, a good grouping for many patients is the inferior lateral buttock, the upper posterior thigh and the outer thigh; thusly, performing liposuction on all of these areas as a group usually results in a more consistent appearance.


The cost for a Hips and Waist Liposuction operation cannot be calculated with great preciseness since it depends upon various factors, and each case should be individually assessed. Therefore, the specific method selected, the amount of fat to be removed, the exact areas to be treated etc. are variables that determine the final expenditures. Approximately, that cost can be calculated at an average of $4,000-$7,000.

Before and After Photos

hips liposuction before and after photoswaist liposuction before and after photos waist liposuction before and after photos

Our Advice

Hips/Waist Liposuction does provide results for men and women who have unwanted fat deposits on these areas because of weight gain, pregnancy or genetics. Therefore, an operation like this can generally deliver you smooth skin tone devoid of excess fat, however, depending on the method adopted, there can be some variations in the final outcome. So, if you are in a generally good health and you maintain a stable weight, you can freely proceed to the operation – provided also that you can afford it, that you determine your goals from the start and that you won’t have unrealistic expectations from it. Moreover, you should ensure that the medical professional who will execute a Hips and Waist Liposuction would be a seasoned and competent one since both the technique and the surgeon are of equal importance for the success of the project. Luckily, and thanks to the increasing number of private plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics currently in existence, the chances of actually not getting the wanted results are limited.

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