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i Lipo Ultra Plus Arrives at Massachusets

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The owner of Epidermis and Co-Med Spa, Michelle Cataldo-Favaloro proudly presented the advent of the sophisticated i-Lipo Ultra Plus at their Clinic! I-Lipo Ultra Plus by Chromogenex is an intelligent non invasive technology that hit the top in our Annual Study on theTop Non Surgical

michelle cataldo-favaloro

Michelle Cataldo-Favaloro (on the right) and i Lipo Technician Donna Alioto

Liposuction Alternatives! I-Lipo Ultra Plus also won the Best Slimming Treatment of the Year Award from Victorie de la Beaute!


Mrs Cataldo-Favalaro said: “There are only two Ultra Plus machines in Massachusetts,” and added “A lot of people aren’t opting for the traditional liposuction procedure any more, because they view it as a surgical procedure in a hospital or a physician’s office and it would entail down time, bruising, drainage, and post care.”


Michelle Cataldo-Favaloro spend a long period in Paris in order to gain knowledge and experience rergarding the latest technological advents in aesthetics and develop her knowledge on the revolutionary machine!

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  1. Leah says:

    Hmmm….Good luck with new I-Lipo Ultra Plus. i hope that people will get more benefits from this treatments.

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