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Laser Liposuction

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Laser liposuction is among the newer techniques for removing fat from the body which works by melting fatty deposits through the use of cutting-edge laser technology! The melting fat is removed via suction. Laser Liposuction includes a number of techniques utilizing devices which have been approved by the FDA as they feature top-range technological characteristics and high levels of safety. But, even if you are frantically in search for a plastic surgery, you can not go far without running into an advertisement online or in a magazine for laser lipo. So, is this form of liposuction really all that the hype implies or will it be a passing fad? And how safe is lipo laser? What does it cost, and what do the reviews say? Is it a good choice for your next procedure?

How Does Laser Liposuction Work?

Laser liposuction is performed with the help of devices equipped with paddles and diode lasers. There are a number of different brands that provide laser liposuction which, however, are all based on the same principle. As with other types of liposuction, a small incision is made in the skin, and then the surgeon inserts a thin, hollow tube called a cannula into the fat layer. There are two types of lasers for medical use: Low Level Laser and High Level Laser (different wavelenght and properties). Low Level Laser induces the creation of pores in fat cell membranes while High Level Laser applies heat through the cannula to the tissue. This is the point where the procedure differs from others: Whereas with traditional (tumescent)liposuction the surgeon must manually manipulate the cannula to break up the fat cells, with laser liposuction the job is done by the laser beam. The fat literally melts (find exactly how here) and can then be easily siphoned out of the body through the cannula using a vacuum pump.


Whereas some types of liposuction have been summarily rejected by the medical community and the public, and others have been embraced, many people are on the fence about the merits of laser liposuction. There are definitely some benefits. There is potentially less bruising associated with laser liposuction, and recovery time may be faster for this type of procedure than some others. There is also research which seems to indicate that laser liposuction can lead to skin-tightening, which can help to eliminate loose folds of skin which contribute to the appearance of aging. The reason for this is that the laser may stimulate the skin into producing new collagen and elastin. Not only does this tighten skin, but it does so by inducing the body’s natural processes, resulting in a more natural look than might be achieved through other means. Moreover, laser liposuction is regarded as a less expensive, simpler and easier method of removing fat from the body.


Sometimes, laser liposuction, while it may appear that it causes fewer traumas on the body, it might actually cause more damage. The problem is that, like certain outmoded forms of ultrasonic liposuction, laser liposuction may apply too much heat and may cause damage to surrounding tissues.

Side Effects

In general, there are no major side effects expected after a laser liposuction. In fact, their appearance is highly dependable on the surgeon performing it. For example, it is important that he / she works precisely and monitors the temperature of the laser throughout the procedure. Actually, as some researchers have pointed out, the skin tightening effect of laser liposuction is the same process that causes injury – it’s just a question of amount. That means there is a fine line between tightening and actual injury which takes the form of burns. Moreover, one of the most typical side effects involves contour irregularities, as some parts of the skin may not have a sleek appearance after the operation, while lumps may emerge in the areas that have been received the treatment.

Laser Liposuction Reviews

In general, independent liposuction reviews seem to be mostly positive! 79% of the Realself reviews on Laser liposuction is positive which means that laser liposuction is among the top options in terms of efficiency and safety!

We also published an article with a few representative testimonials we received on Laser Liposuction in order to help our visitors decide if Laser Lipo is what they are looking for! Click here to read it!

Laser Lipo Techniques

Be careful! Laser liposuction is an umbrella term including many variations/techniques, based on the same principle (specific wavelength lasers do remove fat)! You need to figure out which best meet your needs while it is also important to locate a surgeon that has big experience with a specific technique! of them do the job and which not! On the list below you can find info on each Laser liposuction technique. Not all of them are equal – Some of them work great while other not:

Areas To Be Treated

The technological advancement is constant in laser liposuction, thus enabling the doctor performing a procedure of this kind to target specifically at almost any area of the body where unwanted fat is accumulated. Typically, these areas are the abdominal area, chest, arms, flanks, thighs, neck and bra.


Laser liposuction cost may seem reasonable initially, but if you do get burnt, then you may end up paying more for your procedure in the long run as you work at healing your skin and any other damaged tissue. By and large, according to, a complete laser liposuction procedure will cost you $3,675.

Before and After Photos

laser liposuction before and after photos: neck

laser liposuction before and after photos: neck

laser liposuction before and after photos: Abs

laser liposuction before and after photos: Abs

laser liposuction before and after photos: Abs

laser liposuction before and after photos: Abs

Our Advice

Roughly speaking, laser liposuction is an effective fat removing and body sculpting method which can deliver satisfactory results through small incisions, negligible side effects and fast healing. In fact, as mentioned earlier, whether or not the procedure will have good results seems to depend largely on the surgeon. Moreover, as with all other types of liposuction procedures, you will want to weigh the risks and benefits and also look up information about the track record for the procedure – both the surgeon’s track record you are considering and the track record for the procedure overall as recorded in research studies.

Finally, there are other procedure types you may want to consider as well such as tumescent liposuction and vaser liposuction. Safety and not convenience should always be your top concern, because nothing is truly convenient that is not also truly safe. Also consider whether the procedure makes sense for you. For example, with laser liposuction, ask yourself whether your skin is elastic or not. If you are a younger person, you might want a different procedure type since you do not actually need the skin tightening effect of laser lipo. If you are an older person, however, it might be a primary consideration and more important.

Important Notice
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