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Liposonix Reviews

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For those of you that are considering the option of Liposonix, the innovative non surgical liposuction alternative based on Ultrasounds you should have a look at these representative parts of testimonials from real people that tried Liposonix!

Melanie T.

I am a young woman who has been a mother once, and I have managed to stay relatively in shape after my pregnancy. However, nothing I had tried (dieting or exercising) was able to eradicate my “muffin” top. Therefore, deciding to have a Liposonix operation came as a pretty rational thought. And I have to say that it was a successful choice too! (Although a bit painful, I must say…) Even from the first few weeks, the difference was obvious as most of the fat was eliminated, and now I am a well-shaped, happy young mother!

Samantha L.

I decided to undergo a Liposonix operation 5 months ago, initially focusing on the lower abdomens. The doctor was very friendly and the procedure was generally trouble-free and the results pretty decent; after some weeks, I was happy to notice that I had lost somewhere around 2-3 inches on that area. A few days ago, I also decided to repeat the procedure, this time on the upper abdominal area and the flanks. As for the pain, it was again a bearable procedure (aided by a combination of Toradol, Valium and Vicodin) although there were moments of acute pain but anyway… Liposonix is past now, and all I am thinking of now (four days after the operation) is the end result! Judging by the previous experience, I am optimistic that it will work again. The only problem at the present moment is the bruising but I hope it will settle down soon!

Mary B.

I had Liposonix two weeks ago, being persuaded by a friend of mine and by a generally positive evaluation of the procedure on the internet. Unfortunately, I am far from being satisfied… In fact, I am frustrated and distressed! Almost two weeks have passed since I had the operation performed and I can barely detect any results. So, it is not irrational to believe that Liposonix is a scam… Sure, I can accept the fact that other people have experienced satisfactory results, but I cannot figure out why this hasn’t worked for me. The thing is, I once had a proper liposuction done on my abdomens, and although the operation is based on a different concept, at least it managed to achieve noticeable results which, in addition, were improving as time was passing by. Anyway, obviously, I will wait a little bit more for a sign to appear, but I can’t hide the fact that I am disappointed to have spent over a thousand dollars for some pain and nothing else!

Carrie T.

Oh, God! That was intense and unbearable! I can’t speak on behalf of other users but, in my case, Liposonix was an excruciating experience. The whole operation lasted about one and a half hours but it seemed like ages. The doctor who performed it did everything in his power to alleviate my pain, he also gave me a combo of Xanax, Acetominophen and Hydrocodone, but it was all in vain as the heating sensation and the jabbing were just too much for me to handle. When it finally ended, bruising and more soreness were to follow… What can I say… Maybe general anesthesia would have helped more in my case. Now, a week after the procedure, I feel I am almost getting back to normal, and waiting for that pain to pay off: the results have to be evident, or I have made the most foolish choice of my life!

Stephanie M.

I am 34 years old and my experience from Liposonix has delivered mixed feelings so far. I chose to have it performed on my belly and the love handles as nothing I had tried ever produced the results I was really longing for. In general, the procedure itself caused me bearable pain (probably thanks to Xanax and Percocet, which helped alleviate it significantly) but, at some moments, the pain was sharp and intense. Now, almost a week after the operation, there is still an amount of bruising and swelling present on the whole abdominal area, and on the love handles too. However, I am optimistic and I do have faith in my doctor, who has assured me that all this will go away pretty soon, leaving me with a thinner and nicely contoured body! So, let’s wait and see!

Maria T.

I decided to have Liposonix on my stomach and I am now beginning to witness the first evident results. Two full weeks have passed since the operation (which, on the whole, was not very painful) and there is still some mild bruising, although much less than the first few days. The pain has completely faded but the really good news is that I can already feel that my abdomens are tighter and my stomach fat significantly reduced! Hopefully, time will bring even more noticeable results!So, I believe that Liposonix is a pretty decent and effective alternative to lipo and I can recommend it to anyone.

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