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Liposonix Ultrasound

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LipoSonix is a proprietary brand, an FDA approved, non invasive, non surgical technique for removing fat from the body, and is an alternative to traditional suction-assisted liposuction. The word “ultrasound” might set you off at first because there are many forms of ultrasonic assisted liposuction (UAL) that have come and gone from the market due to reasons of safety. LipoSonix however is a new technique which has been approved by the FDA as safe. The treatment uses high-intensity focused ultrasound and it doesn’t utilize suction to remove fat.

How Does Liposonix Work?

    • There is no cannula involved in this procedure (that’s the thin, hollow tube which used in traditional liposuction procedures to break up fat and siphon it out of the body). The doctor doesn’t make any cuts since there is no need to insert the cannula. The ultrasound is directed through the skin using an external device.
    • In order to eliminate fat cells an accurate, focused ultrasound strikes the fat tissue which leads to fat cells destruction by following this pathway. The remnants of fat cells are naturally moved to the liver and there they are metabolized so there is no need for suction!
    • While some nonsurgical liposuction techniques require you go in for multiple treatments, LipoSonix has the benefit of only requiring a single treatment. The procedure is very brief, lasting only about an hour. The results won’t be instantaneously visible—it’s necessary to wait 8-12 weeks in order to see the final results. On average, you can drop about one dress or pant size.

Watch the vid below for more information on how Liposonix works:

LipoSonix Ultrasound VS UAL

The most important advantage of Liposonix Ultrasound comparing to traditional Ultrasonic Liposuction is twofold: Liposonix Ultrasound is Non invasive, there is no need for incision/stiches/blood loss! Besides this modern method is a much more accurate/precise method that cause no important complications (for example the usual blood clot complications of traditional ultrasonic liposuction doesn’t appear in LipoSonix Ultrasound)!

Liposonix Ultrasound

LipoSonix Reviews

Most of the Liposonix Reviews are positive and imply that this process is convenient, fast, affordable, and effective!

Which body areas can be treated

Liposonix Ultrasound is mostly used to remove fat from the abdomens, thighs, hips and waist!


According to the average cost for Liposonix Ultrasound is at $2725

Before And After Photos

liposonix ultrasound before after

Our Advice

As far as expectations go, remember that LipoSonix may help you drop about a dress size, but this technique will not help you to achieve dramatic, startling results if you need to drop a lot of weight. This is a technique that is appropriate for people who are close to their goal weight but who have “problem areas” that could use some contouring. If you are already at your ideal weight (or below it), don’t expect to lose a lot more weight since you are already at a healthy weight and shouldn’t have a lot of fat removed (if any). Decide whether you’re an ideal candidate for noninvasive LipoSonix before you commit—if you are aiming for more dramatic loss because you are far above your ideal weight, another procedure may be more ideal.

PS: Before Opting for an aesthetic procedure please read our article on the Ethics of Aesthetics to help yourself decide responsibly!

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