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Liposuction Clinic launches Training Course for New surgeons

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In a world where 30% of adults are obese its a really sensible choice for a leading aesthetic center to launch a liposuction training course for surgeons that would like to include liposuction in their practice! MyShape Lipo, a clinic dedicated to liposuction, evaluated this situation and decided to launch their own liposuction educational course ! There is no doubt that liposuction is a technique that requires hundreds of hours of experience! New surgeons with lack of experience can cause damage to patients! Now MyShape Lipo gives them the opportunity to cover the gap with the supervision of a liposuction expert if opt for this training course!

Trevor Schmidt

Trevor Schmidt

Trevor Schmidt PA-C, the liposuction expert of MyShape Lipo notices:
“There seems to be a lack of quality training available, which means there are a lot of surgeons that lack the skills to achieve smooth consistent results,” and he adds “No one wants a doctor to learn on them and risk the potential negative results,”

This course will last for 3-5 days and new surgeons will get all knowledge that is necessary to perform a successful liposuction in terms of patient’s safety and efficiency! The first part of the course (introductory part) was an encouraging first step while 15 surgeons joined the program! More courses will follow!

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