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Neck Lift

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Necklift is a surgical procedure which uses a combination of liposuction and incisions in order to tighten the area around the neck and jaws which has loose skin and accumulated fat, causing a person to look older than he / she actually is. Although not a very widespread operation, Necklift has been gaining popularity the last years while, being actually a facelift procedure, it has been approved by the FDA.

How Does Necklift Work?

Actually, Necklift rarely is a sole procedure; it usually is integrated in a series of operations which act as a whole so as to ultimately improve the appearance of the neck. The main concept, though, is to lift the skin of the lower face, remove the excessive fat and stiffen the whole area.

In line with the above, a Neck Lift may have to include Liposuction, to enable the surgeon to initially remove the excess fat through a small cut below the chin.

Another treating option includes Platysmaplasty; a small incision under the chin is also needed whereas cuts may be made in front of the patient’s ears, or behind them, so as to gain access to the a neck muscle known as platysma, and tighten it. On the other hand, Cervicoplasty works mainly by removing any excess fat from the area.

An alternative for those who want to avoid Necklift surgery (although sometimes it can be used to complement it) is Botox injections; by following this solution, the muscular bands which are located under the skin of the neckparts of the platysma, causing the neck to look chubby, get relaxed, and the appearance is improved. Unfortunately, this technique involves a significant amount of risk.

Finally, a more sophisticated technique involves the use of an endoscope being inserted through smaller incisions with a thin tube.

Once the operation is completed, the skin over the neck is redraped and the cuts are closed with stitches, and bandage is finally applied on them.

Depending on the exact technique that will be followed, the procedure may last from a couple of hours to several hours.

As expected, the type of anesthesia that will be used as well as the recuperation time range significantly, depending on the exact form of the method that will be applied, which, in turn, will be determined by the medical care professional during consultation.

Finally we need to notice that there are also several Non Surgical Necklift Alternatives (like Pelleve or Ultherapy) that possible patients should consider!


A Necklift operation can deliver several advantages for the appearance of the entire face:

  • It removes fat from the area under the neck and the chin
  • It tightens lax neck muscles
  • It creates a more appealing jawline
  • It cuts off years and pounds of a person’s overall look
  • It leaves no evident post-operative scars, either thanks to the small incisions made or due to their concealing behind the ears and beneath the chin
  • It has long lasting results

Areas To Be Treated

Neck Lift treats the area that includes the neck, the jowls and the zone beneath the chin.

Side Effects

Despite being generally safe and uncomplicated, a Necklift operation can bring about a few unintended effects, which however don’t last long. These may include:

  • Tingling
  • Burning or pulling
  • Bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Numbness
  • Infections

In addition, depending on the case of course, staying off work and daily activities for 10 to 15 days is needed for a proper recovery.


At, an average price tag of $7,250 is displayed, which is relatively steep; still, several financing options and monthly payments can make things more affordable for potential customers.

Necklift Reviews

Although the feedback for this procedure is not massive, the reports are impressively favorable for Neck Lift, as the vast majority of patients report a generally hassle-free experience and respectable end results.

Before and After Photos

neck lift before after photos neck lift before after photos neck lift before after photos

Our Advice

Necklift is a decent choice for men and women whose neck and chin have accumulated fat that spoils their overall appearance, causing them to look older or chubbier. Besides that, ideal candidates for this operation are those who are in good health, do not smoke and do not suffer from drug allergies. In any case, a thorough research and discussion with a qualified plastic surgeon are needed in order to define your expectations as well as choose the appropriate method for your case so as to achieve the best possible end result.

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