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OcuMend: the new product to reduce recovery time

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For those of you that are considering blepharoplasty or rhinoplasty we have some goode news. Cearna, Inc. is introducing their brand new product under the label OcuMend™ which is claimed to cut recovery time from 5 to 7 days! The beta version of OcuMend was a huge success while 89% of the patients that took advantage of it have significantly reduced recovery time!

A few word about OcuMend! It is an easy-to-use gela pad which helps in pain, bruising and swelling limitation which is important in order for the patients to return to work asap! Its an 100% natural product that is supposed to work 50 times better comparing to Arnica products! It can be applied pretty easily and it reduces the need for a patient to lie down!

Ocumend Box

Ocumend Box

Many doctors spoke about OcuMend and their comments were definitely positive! Dr. William P. Mack says “The use of OcuMend has decreased the amount of bruising and swelling in the post-operative period. This has led to a noticeable improvement in the recovery of my cosmetic blepharoplasty patients,” while Dr. Jack Zamora claims that “The use of OcuMend in our practice sets us apart by delivering results that we cannot obtain with any other product,” and adds“Patients want to recover over a long weekend instead of recovery taking more than a week. OcuMend allows our patients to return to their lives sooner.”

And if you wonder whether its important to reduce the surgery a third-party gallop showed that 75% of people would choose the surgeon that would guarantee a faster recovery period! The same survery showed that 80% would rather pay an extra in order to reduce recovery time.

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