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Royal College of Surgeons Cosmetic Surgery Guidelines announced

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Royal College of Surgeons

Royal College of Surgeons

Today (29/01) we had an important announcement/guideline regarding the standards of cosmetic practice straight from the Royal College of Surgeons (RSC):

The RSC claim that only educated dentists, doctors or nurses should carry out Non Surgical Aesthetic treatments while only qualified surgeons should carry out cosmetic surgeries! All “filler” and “botox” parties in homes shouldn’t be allowed anymore!

The president of RCS, Norman Williams, said: “We have serious concerns that not all those who offer cosmetic procedures are adequately qualified, or that patients are getting accurate information before treatment.”

RCS also claims that all promotional discounts and deals for possible patients to opt for a surgery should be also banned! Financial deals and discounts that act as incentives to patients to sign up for surgery should be banned. Its also necessary that a clinical psychologist consult possible patients before a surgery is decided! Possible eating disorders should also be taken into consideration before a treatment is arranged!

The mood of RCS’s guidelines in a few words: Only qualified surgeons/doctors/nurses should carry out aesthetic/cosmetic procedures! Besides the surgeons should clearly describe what a patient should anticipate from a cosmetic surgery! Descriptions like “you will feel better” or “you will look nicer” aren’t acceptable and should be replaced by clear, certain expressions like “smaller”, “bigger”, “smoother” etc!

The Royal College of Surgeons announcement is as unambiguous as it could be and our team really appreciates all measures ensuring safety and satisfaction of people opting for a cosmetic surgery or other non surgical treatment!

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