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SlimLipo Reviews

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If you are seriously considering SlimLipo, its really important to have a look at real consumer testimonials! This is why we provide that parts of the testimonials we receive in a daily basis in our contact form! And don’t forget, SlimLipo ranked 1st (together with Vaser Lipo) in our Annual Liposuction Techniques comparison study for 2013!

Evangeline B.
It was well-researched move from my end. I opted to go for a “Smart Lipo” process on myself with the doctor, who I used for Botox and peels too. My sister also opted for him, when she had to go for smart lipo done on her stomach, chin, back and hips.

Just 4 days before the operation, my doctor called and cancelled my surgery. I was so frustrated and didn’t know where to go. I gave a call to a lot of surgeons and went for the one, who I found out to be a “Top Doc” through my research. I had him doing “SlimLipo” on my upper as well as lower abdomen with a general Anesthesia.

Doctor was able to remove couple of liters of fat from my body. Initially, due to the use of local anesthesia, the recovery didn’t seem easy. However, what mattered to me was the result and it was amazing. There was a raised section and an appendix scar, which I referred to as a “tire”. Now, it is all gone. There are only faint lines. Being 46, I never thought it would be possible to achieve such a result.

Updated on September 4 2012:
11 months post the operation phase and I am THRILLED with the result in hand. I am down twice my pant size. I find people commenting on my weight loss with “Looking Great”, when difference in scale was not that great. The lipo was able to make me a lot more proportioned, which was what I always wanted.

**You should have realistic expectations from Lipo. It is a kickstart, but not a miracle. You should also be sensible enough to protect the investment, which you have made by having a check on what you are going to eat as well as exercise the bottom line. At this moment, I am considering to have my flanks done very soon as well. So, I will keep posting here.

Tina M.
It has been almost 7 hours post my operation and I am glad that the long wait is over. Now, I can finally commence with the healing procedure. The surgery went on for 3 hours between 10 am – 1 pm. Everything did go quite well, much to my surprise.

Even though I was awake after op, there was a slight restful feeling in me. I was able to hear most of the things, which were being said around me, and I was even responding to what they told me about turning and rolling over.

On our way back home, we did have a stop at the Phily Cheese Steaks. I sat on my bed and ate mine. However, I was a bit drowsy then. After finishing it, I immediately went off to sleep. I woke up at around 7 pm, did laundry and then swept the kitchen floor. I could feel that everything was fine with me. There was soreness in my knees, but it wasn’t something, which I couldn’t manage. It only needed a Percocet for taking care of that impending pain. It is tough to judge the eventual outcome now, as I was a complete puffy and bloody mess.
There is a follow up appointment tomorrow at 4 PM. They told me to not worry about having a shower or taking off the garments till that appointment. I did feel uncomfortable, but deep inside, I told myself “Let this healing process begin.”

Day 7: Till now, there hasn’t been any result. However, it does feel better that I am back to my original shape and that the swelling is gone. It is too difficult to stay away from the measuring tape, even though it keeps calling out my name. I did have a follow up with my doctor yesterday and he told me that I needed to start massaging the areas with rolling pin for 10-15 minutes at least thrice a day. On June 9, I will be having my first VelaShape treatment. He told me that if I was expecting to get pampered, then I should change my opinion, as it will be pretty much uncomfortable. I guess, if there were no pain, there would be no gain.

Lucia M.
I might be the unfortunate one here, but this process didn’t work for me. I look the way I was before the process. I think that it is the compression garment, which helped the most. There was pretty much no difference at all, when it was done. I didn’t find the procedure to be worth 2,500 bucks, which I had to pay. Then I went for cool-sculpting on February 9, 2012. Till now, there has been one treatment done on the pooch and there are no results to report from my end. During the process, when the vacuum was first put on me, I panicked like anything. I could hardly breathe. It got intense, but I made through it. There was hardly any pain throughout the procedure. Yes, there is tenderness in the area, similar to sunburn. However, it is not something, which you cannot tolerate. I was feeling better afterwards. In fact, I am feeling quite great to have the vacuum’s weight taken off my stomach. Hopefully, I would be putting up some pictures with some good results, whenever they do. However, till today, there is nothing to show.

Jenna T.
6-month Update: It is a feeling tough to describe. Finally, the weight has become stable at 128lbs. Add to that, now, I am a size-2. I was quite happy with what I got at the 10-week mark. Even though my doctor said that it would get better with time, I was happy with where I was and felt no need of further change. Now, when I compare the pictures from the 10-weeks to today, I am like WOW. My skin has gotten tighten. Even the swelling has come down considerably. It is quite difficult to show you my happiness, but the fact is that the results have gone beyond my expectation.

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