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Thermage Reviews

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Below you can read parts of the testimonials we got about Thermage, which ranked 5th in our Annual Comparison Study in order to locate the top liposuction alternatives! For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Natassa Jordan

I had this procedure done on both my neck and face. It was little uncomfortable. However, the results were quite poor to say the least. There was no change. Rather, my neck was looking worse than it was before. The treatment tightened the lower part and made it give others a feeling of several up/down lines. I was unhappy for not receiving any results at all and losing a lot of my money.

Bella Vaughn

I thought at 43 and being mother of three wonderful kids, I cannot ask for anything more from my life. However, there was one thing, which was annoying me and it was my weight. I had been going through a lot for the past six years for maintaining it. There has been exercises and strict diet. And add to that, my stomach was being a pain as well. When I visited my doctor, she advised me to go for thermage. Initially, I was scared to the maximum. However, later on, I made a decision that there was nothing else, which I could do and I had to go for the treatment.
The surprise was that it didn’t hurt at all. There were some hotspots, which I could handle easily. Even those spots were quite few to be given attention to. I had to go through this treatment for 5 times and I was quite satisfied with the outcome. My stomach and love handles both received the needed help. Pants were fitting differently. It was quite an amazing experience. I was able to get rid of a few inches and the cellulite disappeared as well.

Marina London
Couple of years ago, I had twins. Ever since then, I have had a lot of skin on my stomach. It was only four days back, when I had Thermage. I would have to tell you that the results were visible from Day One only. The skin at the stomach area started becoming tighter. I lost close to 3 inches at my upper waist. Of course, the procedure involved some pain, but it was quite tolerable. And the end result ensured that the pain was worth it.

Mary Boss

Yes, I have come across all the negative reviews about Body Thermage. However, I had some extra money with me, which seemed burning a hole in my pocket to get out. I went to those spas to get myself pampered and asked for body thermage as well. Now, what happened next was the same old story. There was no result at all to flaunt. Rather, the payment went beyond the expectation. You be a fool and your money will soon be parting ways with you before you know what struck you. However, I enjoyed the entire spa experience and I do advise people to have pampering done to herself over a period. As far as the treatment goes, believe all the reviews you have read and use your money to pay your future rent instead.

Linda Kravitz

I make money from being exotic dancer. Please do not judge on my occupation. It is what I have to do for supporting my baby and my own needs. I give my best effort for keeping weight under check and keeping the shape toned. Girls, who do not take care of this, generally find themselves working with the Monday morning crowd. My body and my earnings go hand-in-hand. When I was having a baby, I had to take some time off. Once I gave birth, my body shape started changing. I wished to bring in some tightening around my stomachs well as thighs. Before going back to work, I got myself 12-treatment package of Body Thermage. The experts there said, “It would be expecting too much to expect an instant result. It may take 4-6 months on the whole.” Initially, I could feel a modest firming. However, there was nothing, which seemed worth the money. There was another treatment, which bought me some effective results. The treatment involved working out, eating healthy and doing what I do at my job (believe me poll dancing is more than what you feel). If done properly, it would continue keeping your body muscular, firm and toned.
I know that some women might not wish to take advises from a stripper, but you would like to make use of the experience of a stripper body. This treatment is not even close to a stripper standard.

Monica Galinari

I would be 35 next week, but I do not know why my skin is getting saggy every week. This was when I thought of undergoing Body Thermage treatment, which was labeled on different sites as one of the apt method of taking care of a saggy skin. I had the option of going for general or local anesthesia. I opted for the general one to be safe from the painful part. People preferring local anesthesia could finish everything in a couple of hours’ time. However, I had plans to stay there for the entire day. After waking up, I did have some burning sensation on the skin. However, it was quite bearable for me. I did got scared with the red swollen face, but it was gone as well in a couple of days. There were no other side effects as well and the result from body thermage was more than satisfactory for me.


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