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“TriLipo Maximus Exposed” by Dr. Docrat

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by Dr. Ayesha Docrat

trlipo maximus

TriLipo Maximus – the device

We all want to look our best. This helps with our confidence and self esteem. Sometimes there are parts of our bodies that we don’t like such as the shape of our thighs, tummy, arms or knees.  We may aspire to have a younger, defined face and body, or a Jennifer lopez bum. We may exercise to lose the weight, but some parts of our body may not respond to exercise and we can’t achieve our ideal appearance. Surgery is a painful option, but most of us shy away from this because of cost, complications and recovery time.

But there is now a clinically proven, nonsurgical option open to us all.

TriLipo Med, also known as the Maximus, is a tri-pollar radiofrequency device by Pollogen. It is an FDA approved, non-surgical, non-invasive treatment method for eliminating fat cells from most parts of the body, which require treatment. The TriLipo Med Device has two platforms, one is for fat reduction and the second is for skin resurfacing.

Fat Reduction

TriLipo Med works by targeting fat cells by radiofrequency energy, which penetrates the epidermis and dermis of the skin. The skin is heated to 40-42 degrees celcius.  As a result of this heat generation, the fat cells interact with water. The heat that is generated is strong enough to cause thermal damage to the surrounding fat tissue and connective tissue, thus ‘bursting’ the fats cells and releasing liquid fat into the circulation.

A secondary effect of TriLipo is treating cellulite. Cellulite being described as herniation of subcutaneous fat within connective tissue, as the connective tissue septae are also released with the heat generated, the appearance of cellulite is reduced.

The exciting aspect of TriLipo med, which no other device has, is the dynamic muscle activation (DMA) which causes the muscle to contract, thus pushing and massaging the released fat into the lymphatic system. This results in elimination of fat from the body, thereby contouring the treated area as well as toning the muscle.

Unlike other body contouring devices, TriLipo med requires no exercise immediately after the treatment, but a healthy diet and regular exercise will help to maintain the results achieved by the treatment.

The heat generated also activates the fibroblasts which reside in the dermis, to produce more collagen, which tightens and smoothes the skin, giving a younger appearance. Treatment with TriLipo not only has the effect of causing immediate skin tightening, but  continues to treat  skin even after the treatment has finished.

So the treatment not only creates body contouring, but it also creates body toning with the DMA system and skin tightening, thus helping with saggy skin and making the skin feel smoother and looking younger.

In fact a publication in the Journal European academy of dermatology and Venereology in 2009 by W Manuskiatti et al, concluded that tripollar radio-frequency provided beneficial effects on the reduction of abdomen and thigh circumference and cellulite appearance.

Skin resurfacing

Trilipo med can treat acne scarring, stretch marks and pigmentation resulting in a more even skin tone. This is achieved by channeling radiofrequency energy into the skin via tiny electrodes.

Areas to Treat

TriLipo Med can be used for body contouring and skin tightening in the following areas on the body.

  • Face: contours the face by tightening and reducing the fat from the jaw line, and neck area. Also tightens the skin under the eyes and can tighten facial wrinkles, thus anti-ageing results, making the face look younger.
  • Arms: treats batwings.
  • Abdomen: reduces circumferential loss of fat around the tummy, love handles and back. Also treats mummy tummy.
  • Lower body. Treats the bum, resulting in a tight contoured appearance, helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and produces fat loss around the thighs.
  • It also treats areas difficult to lose fat such as the ankles and knees.

Before & After Photos

All the following photos are courtesy of Dr. Ayesha Docrat:

TriLipo Thighs Contouring

TriLipo Thighs Contouring

TriLipo Face Resurfacing

TriLipo Face Resurfacing

TriLipo Arms Toning

TriLipo Arms Toning

TriLipo Abdomens Contouring

TriLipo Abdomens Contouring

If you would like further information or would like a consultation, then feel free to contact Dr Ayesha Docrat at


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Dr. Ayesha Docrat

Dr. Ayesha Docrat

Dr Ayesha Docrat (MBBS MRCGP Diploma In Dermatology DCH DRCOG) is a fully qualified, GMC registered, General Practitioner. Having qualified at St George’s Hospital Medical school in Tooting, London, shewent on to complete her general practice training at University College Hospital. She attained membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners and gained a diploma in clinical dermatology . She has experience in working with Collagenics, a leading medical aesthetics company.

Dr Docrat is a lead clinician in Cosmetic Dermatology and facial aesthetics, having attained a medical diploma in Medical Aesthetics from the Royal London Hospital.
Dr. Ayesha Docrat

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