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Vaser Lipo Reviews

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Below you can find reviews of Real patients that opted for Vaser Lipo, the liposuction technique that came first in our Annual Liposuction Techniques Comparison study for 2013!

Amanda D.
When it comes to liposuction, Vaser has always been my preference. Couple of years back, I opted for another procedure. Even though I was up and running at a faster pace, as it was less engaging and gentler, but the result was less intriguing. When I fixed up my belly, I felt that it could have done better with a little more of shaping. I could feel that the thighs were still too big and were less appealing. I wished to have both the thighs addressed in the right manner. Actually, I knew what went wrong beforehand, but I didn’t find the time then, as I was stuck with other commitments.

Now, I do have a couple of weeks of spare time with me. I made sure that I knew whatever I had to do. The operation went as smooth as I had planned. I got back in shape as soon as Day 2. There was no strenuous workout of course, as I was on a vacation and opted to do some rest to recover. The way, things have turned out this time is making me feel quite happy and comfortable as well. I really appreciate Vaser for the amount of knowledge and support that they showered on me. If it would not have been for them, I would surely not have been where I am now.

Mary G.
I really do not have a problem in paying a bit more, in case the experience, which I am offered, is worth the money. I have lived my life like this for a long time and I think I am going to stay this way for the rest of my life. So, when I had to take care of my belly fat deposits, I went ahead for a research on the net. I was quite happy to come across something, which could have helped me make that extra mile. And it was Vaser. So, I opted for receiving their treatment. I believe that they have the best technologies in the business. Again, the doctors there are quite experience and they know what to do. Therefore, I went for the lipo procedure with them. Now, with the results, which I have received, I can easily say that everything went flawless and as planned. Only a few days were all it needed for me to recover. There were no scars, swelling or any funny thing. I have loved my experience and I would recommend Vaser to anyone, who is interested in having lipo done.
I would say that if you care about the way you look, Vaser should be your address, as they are the only ones, who are worth the payment.

Katrin J.
My thighs have been one of the major reasons for my unhappiness, due to their shape and size. They made me so embarrassed that I never wished to pay a visit to the pool. I even found it quite difficult to find pants that would fit me. Since I was not very tall, my thighs were quite noticeable for anyone. Finally, I decided that I had enough and I should do something about it.
I came across a surgeon, about whom I heard a lot of amazing reviews. Initially, I only went there to get my thighs fixed. However, when I was there, I opted for getting my love handles and abs done as well. I thought that if I was paying so much for the surgical facility and the anesthesia, why not have them done as well. So, I was about to have my abs, love handles and inner/outer thighs done. Now, I am two weeks out and nothing could have made me happier than this.

The results already give me a fantastic feeling. Now, I am getting to anxious to know about what is going to happen in the six weeks time, when (as promised by the officials there) most of my swellings are going to part my body. I am going to post the before/after images. The after ones were taken today morning only, couple of weeks after the time when I was operated.

Dana B.
I went ahead and had vaser lipo performed on my back in Cape Town, South Africa on the 2, 4 and 12 of the month. I thought of writing the review, as I didn’t come across one myself from any doctor in my city that performed Vaser. On Monday, 14/05/12, it is going to be 6 weeks post the operation phase and I am feeling quite fantastic. This procedure was performed on me in the doctor’s clinic. There was a stiff feeling following the procedure, otherwise, it was fine. Following that, I went for a weeklong aftercare on a regular basis. I am going to recommend you to do that as well. You should also wear the garment, as I am still doing that.

The officials there were able to aspire 6 liters from my back only. I was pretty much surprised with what happened to my back. The reason for my surprise was that this doctor didn’t perform much on my back in between the two months of my going there, but the results looked immaculate. I will talk about how wonderful my arms felt later on as well, on whom the doctor operated 5 weeks following my back being done.

There is no doubt that my doctor is special. I never thought that there was anyone, who could do anything about my back. There was so much of loose fat hanging over there. Irrespective of the dieting or the exercises that I opted for, they would just not part. However, she performed a miracle. I could not help myself, but thank God as well, as He worked through her on me and left me all happy. I had a messed up body, as I already went through a lot of plastic surgery operations done on me beforehand. There was a cut on my back. Again, my lower back alongside my bum were totally out of shape. Now, everything is, as I desired it to be. It was a truly wonderful procedure and the best investment, which I did on myself till date.


Georgia A.

The Vaser Lipo procedure was almost fuss-free in my case, however, what interests most potential customers (and actual patients of course) is what follows after. So, here I am, almost 6 weeks after the operation on my thighs, but I can hardly claim that I feel great. Evidently, the swelling has been diminished (it was very annoying and distressing the first few days) while I believe that my thighs look somewhat thinner but there is definitely nothing to cheer about. What really upsets me is the compression garment, which has been giving me a hard time and it will continue to do so for another couple of weeks! Luckily, I can go to the gym, even though I have to be very cautious. Also, the incision marks haven’t faded completely yet, but I believe that is a matter of time. Finally, I have noticed a slight deterioration in the flexibility of my thighs, which is a little bit worrying but maybe it’s only my imagination.


Diane H.

After having Vaser Lipo performed on my belly fat, I initially rested for some days and now I have got back to my office. My recuperation time has been uncomplicated so far, and I can’t see a reason for that to change now. It’s been two weeks after the operation and my tummy looks so firmer now. It’s like a dream come true, to see that needless flab gone for good! Now, my clothes fit me just fine, while I have no longer problem to be seen without them – and that’s just magnificent! I feel a totally rejuvenated person now and I am determined to keep it that way through healthy nutrition and exercising! Thanks, Vaser Lipo!

Sandra F.

After putting it off for months, I finally took the decision to undergo Vaser Lipo. The procedure was preformed a month ago and I can now claim that it has been one of the finest choices I ‘ve ever made! First of all, even the consultation appointment was great, and it all seemed so professional – and it proved to be such in the end! Yet, when I got to the clinic for the operation, I was not at all relaxed, mainly due to the local anesthesia that was going to keep me perfectly awake for the procedure (still, I was convinced that it was the most appropriate method for my case). I was numbed and the surgeon begun to remove the fat from my belly using a fat melting cannula. It was a strange but not painful feeling; in fact, it was kind of weird to watch the liquified, yellowish fat being carried away through a tube! Anyway, I soon got used to that and, about an hour later, the whole procedure was over. The members of the clinic staff then took over, cleaning me up, dressing me and putting a garment on my stomach area. I got home to rest without feeling awkward or in pain, and that was a very welcome amazement! 10 days after my Vaser Lipo, I was already able to witness a tighter tummy – a miracle, if you consider how many times I had tried to get rid of my stubborn belly fat! Now, a whole month after the operation, the results are even more distinguishable, making me utterly thrilled I chose Vaser Lipo!

Melanie T.

I had Vaser Lipo 3 weeks ago for my stomach, my back and my hips, and I am beginning to see the results. After the procedure, a modest but detectable discomfort appeared (which was however absolutely normal), so the doctor prescribed me pain medication, which worked well for alleviating my pain for the first 1-1 ½ week. Now, I feel almost nothing and I am able to carry out my everyday activities without problem. Obviously, I am not 100% OK, I avoid making clumsy moves and I am also told to stay away from lifting heavy objects. Yet, I am allowed to go to the gym, where I follow a special workout plan so as not to hurt the small incisions on my body. Speaking of incisions, they have almost disappeared, and that was quite a relief. Oh, I forgot to mention that I wear compression garments which are supposed to lift and firm the treated areas. A small thing that worried me was the fluid pockets on my upper hips, which gives an impression of unevenness, but the doctor assured me that they will soon fade with time and massaging.

Latest update (May 6, 2013): Further improvement to my treated areas, and the fluid pockets on my hips have actually diminished! I feel greatly encouraged and I can’t wait to see the final outcome!

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