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Vasersmooth from Sound Surgical Technologies (recently acquired by Solta Medical) is a minimally invasive technique which aims at fighting cellulite through breaking up the structures that make skin dimple. It is actually the most modern inclusion to the company’s series of body shaping devices, which have earned wide recognition among physicians and customers for their high-tech characteristics. Although relatively new, Vasersmooth has already received an FDA clearance.

How Does Vasersmooth Work?

In essence, Vasersmooth is able to treat cellulite by breaking down (via ultrasounds) the structures that cause the unevenness on the surface of the skin as well as contour irregularities. In order to get under the layer of skin and emulsify the fat of the targeted area, a few tiny incisions are made for a thin cannula to pass through. Before the ultrasound energy is applied, a solution of water, numbing medication and adrenalin is permeated. The technology integrated in Vasersmooth enables the doctor performing the operation to apply only the needed amount of energy to the targeted tissues so as not to cause any harm to surrounding tissues, nerves and blood vessels, while receiving responsive feedback on the release of the fibrous septae. The ultrasound energy reaches the layer under the patient’s skin, liquifying the fat and triggering collagen growth, thusly reducing or even eliminating dimpling and loose skin appearance.

The whole procedure is relatively brief (depending, however, on the extent of the problem), lasting for about 1-2 hours, and is usually performed under local anesthesia. After it is completed, a bandage is placed on the treated area and the patient is free to return home while being able to work again after a couple of days; in most cases, the patient can get rid of the garment after 2-3 weeks.


This is a short list of the most notable merits of Vasersmooth:

  • Tightening of the skin without generating harmful heat
  • Effective treatment of skin dimpling
  • Limited risk of nerve damage because of the gentle physical force applied
  • Smoother contouring of the treated areas
  • Liquefaction of the fat via ultrasonic energy, which allows the doctor to redistribute it or use it for fat grafting
  • Fast recovery thanks to the milder technique employed and the subsequent limited bruising after the operation


Vasersmooth treats cellulite by reversing the activity of the factors that cause dimpling and fat cells irregularities. Thus, the first evident results are not noticeable immediately after the operation (although some can be detected after 7-10 days) but they typically need more time, advancing steadily for a period of 2 to 6 months until they become final.

Compared to the conventional liposuction techniques, Vasersmooth is different, as it does not claim to eliminate fat but aims at refining skin irregularities on the cured areas. Yet, this does not mean that it cannot be combined with other, complementary procedures in order to deliver the maximum results.

Areas To Be Treated

Vasersmooth is appropriate for almost every body spot that is affected by cellulite; therefore, thighs, hips, buttocks, arms, even the area around the stomach or the knees can receive a Vasersmooth treatment.

Vasersmooth Reviews

Although the technological subbase of Vasersmooth is remarkable, the people who have actually undergone a treatment are still very limited (mainly due to the fact that Vasersmooth is a comparatively recent launch) to form a solid opinion on whether this method works effectively or not. For example, Cellulaze (a competitive method) is backed by not only an adequate amount of clinical research but also by plenty of users’ testimonials, which provide a more secure basis on assessing it.

Side Effects

With the reservation of the method’s unproven effectiveness and safety, there are no serious adverse reactions being expected after a Vasersmooth operation. Yet, minimal bleeding, bruising or infection could arise, while fluid may leak from the incisions within the first day after the procedure. In any case, the first three effects are not likely to last more than 7-10 days after the operation. Moreover, the risks of damage on nerves or surrounding tissues are extremely limited, thanks to the aforementioned great precision Vasersmooth is designed to offer.


The exact expenditures for a Vasersmooth treatment cannot be calculated with accuracy, as it can greatly vary, relying on the special needs of each patient, the number and magnitude of the area or areas to be treated, the doctor’s fees etc. Subsequently, methodical research as well as a pre-operative discussion should take place in order to get a clue of the final charges. With these in mind, you can expect a total of $3,000 to $4,500 for a Vasersmooth procedure (nevertheless, does not display any info on that).

Before and After Photos

vasersmooth before and after photos 2 vasersmooth before and after photos thighs VaserSmooth Before and After Photos

Our Advice

In general, Vasersmooth is a sophisticated method for people who have regular weight but encounter cellulite issues in specific body spots. However, it has not been thoroughly tested yet in true life, while other non surgical solutions (Zerona, Velasmooth, Endermologie, Lipodissolve etc.), while not ideal, may be of equal effectiveness! Besides you need to also consider the option of Cellulaze which is also a Liposuction technique  which also targets Cellulite. In any case, converse with a trusted plastic surgeon to find the best possible way for dealing with your cellulite matter!

Your Opinion?

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