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VelaShape™ (by Syneron) is an FDA Approved proprietary brand of noninvasive lipo removal that uses a combination of bipolar radiofrequency (RF), infrared light energy, mechanical massage, and vacuum pump technology in order to remove fat from the body.

How does VelaShape II work?

The radiofrequency and light energy (infrared light) combination (elos™ technology, the same that is used for VelaSmooth) is applied via electrodes and heats up the fat cells so that they rupture and liquify (read this to find how). The light energy’s spectrum is between 700-2000nm! The purpose of the vacuum is to help smooth out the skin, not to siphon out fat. The mechanical massage process is also geared toward smoothing skin. According to the company, 85 percent of the subjects in one study reported thigh reduction of 1 cm or more. Some patients lost as much as 7.2 cm.

vellashape IIThe process requires that you go in for multiple treatment sessions over a period of months. About four treatment sessions are needed on average to see results, which are cumulative and gradual. VelaShape also includes optional Cellulite Treatment if you suffer from that cottage cheese texture of skin; the same technology can be used to reduce the size of fat cells and chambers, which results in a reduction of the appearance of cellulite (VelaSmooth).

Below you can watch an animation on how Velashape works:

Which Areas can be treated

Currently the technology is only approved for use on selected areas (thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and love handles) and not on small or fibrous areas like the neck or face.

VelaShape II Reviews

Reviews for VelaShape II unfortunately seem to be largely negative in nature. Fortunately the reviews don’t seem to point toward pain or injury as the issue, though they do state that the procedure is less than effective. There is a number of positive reviews as well, but it does seem that on the whole this procedure may not be the best for dramatic reduction in size. Does that mean that the procedure is useless? Not necessarily—it depends largely on your needs in terms of your goal for weight loss and cost.

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Side Effects

The main side effects, that don’t last more than a few days is bruising, blisters and crusting! If there is skin burning its possible to face infection!

Zerona Cost

The average Velashape cost is at $1175 according to

Before and After Photos

arms velashape before after photo

belly velashape before after photo

Our Advice

Before you decide to get any type of liposuction, or even a nonsurgical alternative, it’s important for you to figure out what your goals are and whether or not the treatment is going to be appropriate to meet your expectations. If you approach a procedure like VelaShape II with unrealistic expectations, you’re going to be disappointed with the results. If you are far above your goal weight, this series of treatments probably isn’t going to be enough to get you to a place where you’re satisfied—though it should help you get closer. If you’re already very close to your ideal weight, then you will only lose enough fat to reach it—no more than that. It’s important to maintain a healthy weight, and a doctor is likely going to try and keep you close to yours.

So this procedure and others like it are probably best if you want to lose a little bit but not a lot and will be comfortable with those results. It also seems that other similar procedures are getting better reviews, so you might want to look into some alternatives to VelaShape that are more highly rated. In terms of price there may be some better values out there.

PS: Before Opting for an aesthetic procedure please read our article on the Ethics of Aesthetics to help yourself decide responsibly!

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