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Velashape Reviews

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Velashape ranked fourth in our 2013 and third in the 2014 comparison study on the liposuction alternatives and it seems that the testimonials we received explain why! Read a few representative parts:

Lia Goulding

It was a disappointment time, which I had with Velashape. I felt that there would be some difference on the cards. I even made sure to workout thrice a week. Still, I am having a muffin top. Initially, I went for my stomach. Then, I followed it up with my butts and thighs. It might be that this thing works for a selected few or they might have been taken care of by a better technician at Velashape. I didn’t wish to go for surgery. However, now, I feel that it would have been a better option and might have been worth the investment as well. I parted ways with a lot of money by using Velashape services.

Mandy Lampard

I went through several reviews, where people said that they experience quite a bit of pain, after going through Velashape. Initially, I was a bit tentative about it, but I still went ahead and opted for the treatment. It was a week back that I had velashape and I will tell you that I did not experience any pain. The machine, which was used on me, felt like giving a massage. Even though it was a bit hot in the beginning, but it was never something, which I couldn’t bear. I was feeling relax. Once the treatment was over, I felt that the cellulite was quite less than before. Again, skin on my legs were quite firm as well. I never expected that the result would be coming instantly. This is why I am quite excited with the possibility of a good outcome. I am going to have my next treatment in a week’s time and I cannot wait to have it!!

Gina Scott

I am done with 4 treatments now and I can confirm that there is no pain at all. Rather, it was pleasant if anything. However, the disappointment was that I didn’t notice any difference in the cellulite before and after the treatment. Now, it has left me thinking that why I went ahead with this and spend a lot of money? Instead, I could have gone somewhere and enjoyed my time with my cellulite in the same shape it was. At this stage, I am very angry with myself and swearing to never ever go for any kind of cosmetic treatment.

Megan Stewart

I do not have any knowledge about women liking their thighs. I do not that I never liked mind. Once 50, I planned to take care of the situation. It was high time that I stopped being insecure about my appearance. I would tell you that the idea of a non-invasive procedure was quite enticing. This is why I opted for scheduling a Velashape treatment with the doctor. The procedure, as mentioned, was quite quick and involved no pain. I couldn’t notice any side effects, which I can speak of over here. Maybe there were some minor bruising if anything. I can definitely say that the procedure was too good to be possible. It worked quite well and was able to last for longer period, more than what I was promised. I could not stop myself from going back there after 6 months and had myself treated again.

Dana Bryant

With 5 Velashape treatments done on both my legs and love handles, I was able to get rid of a whooping 8 lbs in less than a month of the procedure. It made me so so happy!!!! Following the treatment, I had to increase my workout hours. I was eating well too. The only problem, which I faced, was that there was a challenge for me to maintain the shape afterwards. However, I am glad with the overall procedure.

Lana Middleton

I have been quite an active person all my life. This is the reason, why I never had issues with weight. After I was 40, I started realizing that it is not just the weight, which a girl should be having her eyes on. Both time and genetics are stronger enemies than your weight. I could see my thighs resembling that of my mother and it made me restless. This is when I thought the best way to take care of it was to opt for a modern medicine. Consultants at plastic surgery clinic made me realize that I was a perfect candidate for having Velashape. They told me that I am going to be thrilled by the results. It has been 8 months after the treatment and I am yet to experience the thrill. Actually, now I feel that what the consultant meant was THEY are the ones getting the thrill with MY 2,500! Now, I am quite disappointed that I was so stupid to have fallen for this scam. Now, I have started confirming myself that the inherited thighs would be the same for the rest of my life. I would never be letting anyone take me like this again,

Charlize Patterson

After I had my third child, I wish to have the pre-pregnancy shape restored to my body. However, it was a tough nut to crack. It didn’t matter how much I worked out, but I was not able to get rid of my baby pooch. This was when I thought of trying out Velashape. I went for it, as I heard that it was a non-invasive method for smoothening skin and getting rid of those cellulites. I found the procedure to be quite simple. It got over quite quickly and I never felt any kind of pain throughout the duration. The doctor told me to expect a few bruises. Even I myself felt that it would be worse than what it was. Bruises, which were there on my skin, were barely catching any eye. And the results, where more than amazing. Now, I appear as I was before the birth of my kids. I would definitely revisit the place, as I love this look and would wish to maintain it forever.

PS: Before Opting for an aesthetic procedure please read our article on the Ethics of Aesthetics!

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