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Venus Freeze Reviews

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Venus Freeze (find a complete report here) is a technique that combines a synergy of Magnetic Pulses and Radio Frequency in order to eliminate cellulite and make the fat cell tissue release its triglycerides (thus shrinking). For those of you that are interested in Venus Freeze, its absolutely critical to go through as much reviews/testimonials as possible. This is why we will share parts of the testimonials we receive in our contact form from our site’s visitors regarding Venus Freeze:

Janette W.

Venus Freeze was my choice when I realized that no training program could help me slim up my thighs and buttocks the way I wanted. So, far I am very pleased with my choice and the results it delivered. The procedure itself is soothing and tension-free, giving a warm sensation (like a hot stone massage) that doesn’t hurt or burn at all. And that is probably due to the radio frequency technology that is integrated in this technique, in a way that ensures the patient’s safety, a fact that is not always guaranteed by similar methods – at least to my knowledge. Recently, I ‘ve been thinking about extending the use of Venus Freeze to my face, neck and even arms. Obviously, I have to take the cost issue into consideration, but I hope that I can close an affordable deal in the end; after all, it would be a pity not to make the most out of a successful treatment like this!

Alice H.

I was truly disappointed by the various slimming and fat removing treatments I had tried out over the past years in terms of pain and limited results, so I was hesitant to test yet another of these methods. Hopefully, Venus Freeze has proven to be a completely different experience, delivering a sleeker and more even look on my thighs, eradicating my cellulite almost completely!

The method itself seems very hi-tech and sophisticated, but I believe my treating squad had also something to do with the effectiveness that Venus Freeze showed! The whole clinic staff and the beautician in charge were remarkably helpful and welcoming, and my first session was truly comforting, without any unpleasant surprises. After that, and eventually each and every of the following treatments, I had almost no tenderness and irritation while the results became obvious after 2-3 sessions. So, at last, I am really happy with my choice, and in fact, I am looking to have Venus Freeze on my belly now – provided it is equally affordable!

Sabrina J.

I am a mother of three children and, despite hanging on well enough in terms of my total body weight, I definitely had a major problem with saggy skin and accumulated fat deposits in my midsection. A couple of friends suggested that I went for a lipo or a lipo alternative, so, after researching myself a lot, I took the decision to have Venus Freeze – the whole package usually recommended, that is 8 sessions. So far, I am towards the end of the series (I have done 7 out of the 8, which in addition were painless and relaxing) and, although they have told me to be patient for the end results, I am thrilled to notice changes already on my abdomens; and that’s a big relief! A major amount of fat is currently being dissolved, the skin is firmer and the belly fat is less than ever! So, I would recommend Venus Freeze for every woman that faces a similar problem.

Kathleen S.

I initially trusted Venus Freeze for a complete face and neck cure a couple of years ago because the signs of aging (I am currently at my early 50’s) were beginning to become obvious. Well, it worked! Yet, for some reason, I was quite hesitant at the beginning, even though I had looked the issue up and viewed a massive list of before & after photos – as well as gone through every testimonial I could find on the net. You see, this particular method is not so popular yet, and even medical care professionals are not fully aware of its potential and effectiveness. Anyway, after having a series of treatments performed, I was happy to see remarkable improvement on those areas (they were significantly tightened), making me look so rejuvenated and youngish that my family and friends were impressed! In addition, it cost me far less than an ordinary facelift, with fairly comparable results.

After that, I thought about trusting Venus Freeze again, and I did. Well, the whole experience was familiar (that is uncomplicated and pleasant, like a hot massage) and I was hoping for the same stunning results. Yet, this time, they didn’t quite fulfill my expectations. Of course, I don’t want to claim that the treatments delivered a disappointing outcome, no, anything but that, but I was kind of expecting more than just a slight firming of my arms. Anyway, maybe I will have to wait for an extra a couple of weeks to let the results get fully unfolded. What is undoubted, though, is that Venus Freeze worked perfectly for my face and neck but less adequately for my arms…

Mary C.

The wrinkles and the laxity on my face suggest that it is time for an operation. I have recently undergone Venus Freeze for my midsection and, in general, I am satisfied by the outcome. Nevertheless, I have one major concern about trying it out on my face: as Venus Freeze works by heating up the tissues and dissolving the triglycerides of fat cells, I feel worried about how it could have an affect on my botox fillers and cause them to fade (you see, I had some botox treatments performed recently). As far as I know, no issues would emerge, however, it keeps troubling me. I know that, all things considered, Venus Freeze is a safe and effective alternative to lipo, yet I can’t help questioning on how it could affect those fillers. I guess I have to look into the subject more carefully.

PS: Before Opting for an aesthetic procedure please read our article on the Ethics of Aesthetics!

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