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    Ask Your Question

    Considering a cosmetic procedure? Thinking of Lipo in order to eliminate belly fat? Examining the possibility of plastic surgery? You are in the right place to ask your question!

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    Our Doctors

    After 2.5 years of hard work, it’s about time to present the rapidly extending network of Doctors that are honoring us by publishing their articles on our portal:

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    Join Our Plastic Surgeons Directory

    Welcome Professionals! This is the most rapidly increasing and one of the few Patients Reviewed Directories for Plastic Surgeons or other cosmetic enhancement professionals!

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    Find a Surgeon

    If you are seriously considering the possibility of plastic/cosmetic surgery this is the place to be in order to find a Plastic Surgeon that meets your needs in a few minutes! 

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    by Dr. Yakelin Sosa Liposuction is by far one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world, but it’s also one of the most misunderstood. There are many facts about the procedure that most people are unaware of, including the fact that it isn’t actually a weight loss procedure. Here are 7 facts you […]

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  • “Does Testosterone Cause Prostate Cancer?” by HealthGains Team

    by HealthGains Team For decades, healthcare professionals have mistakenly assumed that testosterone therapy increases a man’s risk of prostate cancer. Research conducted over the last few years has finally laid this myth to rest by showing that men who undergo testosterone replacement due to low testosterone may not be at an increased risk of prostate […]

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  • Should I Feel Strange About Getting Saline Implants?

    by Beauty Blogger Emmy Owens If you were ever the kid who wanted vanilla ice cream when all of your friends chose chocolate, you might understand how I feel about getting saline breast implants. Remember the raised eyebrows, the snickering behind your back? “Are you sure?” the other girls asked. “You’ll probably regret it.” I […]

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