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Coolsculpting Reviews

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Below you can read representative parts of testimonials we got from real patients that had an experience with Coolsculpting (our detailed report on Coolsculpting can be found here):

Michaela J.

..I took a few photos to monitor my progression. Even though initially, it was slow, now, I can easily see the result, as my tummy, on a regular basis, is getting smaller and smaller. And believe me, I have made no change in my daily routine. There has been no change in my diet or any exercise routine included in my daily living. Rather, it is the same way I had it before. However, this change in me is giving me inspiration to include exercises in my daily routine and get more improvement in other parts of the body too.

Since I used a mobile camera to take most of the images, there are high chances that not all of them will give you an indication of the change, which has come in my belly. For taking care of that, I have even included some of the photos, where I am pinching the belly fat. I might also include the pro-version, which I should get from my doctor in the coming month. It should serve the purpose pretty well.

So far, the results, which I have received from the product, have been quite good. I am hoping that there will be further improvement in coming couple of months. By now, I guess I have parted ways with 25 percent of my body fat already. The region, which I showed by pinching, has considerably shrunken. Now, when I look at myself in the mirror, I think that the remaining bulge in my belly is pretty cute (this is something, which I would have never said before).

Conclusion: Till now, things have been quite good for me. In case the results are permanent, I am going to consider the pain, which I had in first week to be worth it.

Mary B.

..honestly, there was a time after week 3, when I started getting discouraged with the results, which I had. My stomach came back to its original form. It even started losing numbness. However, I kept my nerves and stayed put for it to go back into shrinking mode.

To my surprise, during Week 5, there was a considerable flattening of the stomach. It was amazing to see my pants falling down as well. I had to visit for the 1-month follow up appointment. When I was there, I compared my before pictures and I could easily tell the difference (which was considerable to tell you the truth). I was appearing less flabby and bloated.

And the best part was that there was still time in my hands for seeing even better results. Most of the results start showing up anywhere between 2 – 4 months. Thus, there is an excitement in me for the coming few months and what it will bring.

At this stage, yes, there have been recovery woes at times. However, if you compare the same with what you can possibly get, while going through tummy tuck surgery, then it was simply nothing. My treatment didn’t involve any cutting or usage of lasers. Even then, the results, which I received, were more than amazing.

Margaret J.

..on the whole, I have found CoolSculpting to be quite an amazing procedure. And when you consider the fact that it is non-invasive as well, it gets even better. It is just the procedure, which one would need, for firming up the problematic areas, which show up post baby. Those areas are hard to take care of, even if you go through the most strenuous of workouts.

Again, I have to give a big thanks to Dr. Kinsley’s Office. I was especially impressed with her amazing staff, Ashley and Daniel, who have now practically become my BFF. It would have been quite difficult without them, as they made me be at ease during the entire procedure. I can try, but I am sure that I will not be able to thank them enough for what they did.

In case you are looking towards making an investment on your investment, I would definitely recommend you, with eyes closed, Cool Sculpting. It was an unbelievable experience for me. I am sure you will have the same as well.

Maria L.

..when you talk about comfort level during the procedure, I would say that I was at 5. I will not rate it to be a terrible experience, as I was able to pass through the entire procedure. I was sitting there, watching TV. I wasn’t crying, but I did feel something. Since I compare everything with what I felt during childbirth, it will definitely take a lot to make sure that I would say, “It’s Painful”.
What I loved about the procedure was that I was allowed to hang around in private. It was a quiet room. I was watching TV and at times, reading different magazines on my iPad, which I was intending to download for months.

The offices gave the experience of a spa, which I have to tell that I never got before this. Staffs at both those locations, where I visited, were quite friendly. They made the environment quite fun and light. It was never a medical feeling, which I was expecting before applying for the same (Of course the locations were quite clean as well as professional).

Today, I am feeling a bit sore with a slight bruise on the flanks. Basically, they give an impression of giant hickeys, which doesn’t make any sense. At present, I am also having a numb and sore stomach. However, it was not at all uncomfortable. They were expected side effects and the officials at the centers had already prepared me for the same.

I have taken a few before pictures. However, I will only share them once I have the after pictures for comparing them in some month’s time. I am hoping at this moment that I will start noticing the results in a matter of weeks. In case I will, this is the place, where I would share the change.

PS: Before Opting for an aesthetic procedure please read our article on the Ethics of Aesthetics!

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  1. Coolsculpting Mt Laurel says:

    I like coolSculpting because it is a non-invasive procedure and it’s cheaper than most fat reduction procedures out there!

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