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Exilis Reviews

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Exilis, the non surgical liposuction alternative manufactured by BTL Aesthetics utilizes a combo of ultrasounds and Radio Frequency to eliminate fat! For more info on Exilis click this! If you are really interested in Exilis you have to read as much reviews as possible. This is why we share the following testimonials with you:

Kimberly K.

I have recently (about a year before) tested Exilis on an area of my body that included the waistline, the back, the flanks and the thighs, and I have to report that I am totally satisfied with my choice. The treating sessions were just brief (about 30 mins) and uncomplicated (I didn’t feel anything distressing); my doctor was a certified medical professional, which must also have helped. After having a total of 7 of them, my skin is tightened and the accumulated fat on those spots is almost entirely gone; I’ve lost around 5 inches in total and I feel great with my new look! Of course, they warned me that I have to carry out an exercising routine from now on, and look after my nutrition too, but that’s not so hard to do when I know that this will help me maintain these incredible results!

Jessica W.

I went for Exilis, for a series of 6 treatments, as the fat layers on my stomach and my buttocks were no longer tolerable. I started the sessions last September, in order to be ready for next summer. So, was Exilis successful? Well, the results that it delivered to me were barely acceptable, or to be more fair, they were mediocre. For the first few treatments, there was some improvement, I admit, and my skin was adequately tightened, but as the sessions were heading to their end, my progress became less and less evident. To make matters worse, the doctor performing it had a tendency to overdo it with those radio frequency waves and the ultrasounds, causing me some discomfort and redness. Anyway, I am definitely not thrilled by the end result, and I am hesitant to recommend Exilis to other people; maybe you should look for other solutions. At least, I didn’t spend a fortune on it!

Christine H.

I was looking for a refreshing touch on my face, as age signs were starting to become obvious (I am 49 years old). After doing my research on the internet and attending a couple of beauty promotional videos, I considered Exilis as a potential solution to my growing old image. So, I visited a clinic in Atlanta and I had a preliminary test that confirmed I was a good candidate for the procedure. And I just went for it! In January, I had 2 treating courses on my face and the lower eyes and the improvement is more than obvious already! The most noticeable change is that my face skin is now tighter and “slimmer” in a way, as it looks like it has lost its excessive fat which made it look saggy. The treating courses were an almost pleasant experience, as I didn’t feel anything except maybe for some slight discomfort at particular moments. There was also no recuperation time, my face just needed a couple of days after each treatment to ease off and to reveal the results. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting that much from a beauty operation, but it seems that Exilis has worked fine in my case. Now, I’ve got two more treating sessions to further improve these results! The whole package cost me a total of $1,500, which is fairly reasonable I think.

Brenda T.

Being only 135 lb for 5’8 ft, one can assume that I am a woman who carries no excessive weight. Unfortunately, that was not the case: I had a major problem with my belly fat, which I had been trying to overcome in many ways and for many years. Growing up didn’t help my efforts either. Some friends told me to think about having a cosmetic procedure and get that fat removed, so I chose Exilis, which was advertised as a non-invasive and effective procedure for several body areas. I made a deal with the clinic for 4 treatments of $400 each, which was manageable for my budget. In the process, the deal changed so as to include my flanks too, thus the cost got up to $500 per session. The day of the initial treatment I was a bit tensed, and unfortunately, my perception was correct, as the session caused me a burning sensation. To be honest, the pain was not unbearable, but the whole experience was unpleasant, since they had assured me that I was not going to feel anything and the treatment would be relaxing. Anyway, I went on to take those 4 treatments to the last one, devoting so much of my time, doing as I was told in terms of nutrition, water consumption and exercising, but the end result was just frustrating and unacceptable… Nothing really has changed on my belly and flanks and the measurements just confirmed it. I am deeply disappointed from Exilis and I really don’t know what to do.

Mary S.

I have had a series of dermal fillers in the past for my face, and the whole thing had worked pretty well, giving me a fresher facial look with fewer wrinkles. Unfortunately, over a decade has passed by then, and although those operations still prove their worth, my neck has started to reveal my true age (I am over 55 now). So, I opted for Exilis, after consulting a good friend of mine, who happens to be a doctor. He told me that Exilis is a pretty reliable and safe procedure. Thank God, he was right! The procedure was painless and stress-free (although I was quite nervous at the beginning) and it only lasted for an hour. I had some minimal irritation after the treatment but it soon faded away while there were absolutely no worrying side effects of any kind afterwards. I was able to immediately return to my office. That encouraged me to go for the second treatment, 10 days after the initial one, and to eventually have the whole package of 5 sessions, at 10 days intervals. After that, all I had to be concerned about was the outcome! I had been told that, for the first two or three months, I wouldn’t be able to detect any major difference, so I waited patiently. My waiting finally paid off, as I saw reasonable improvement in terms of neck tightening and contouring! Exilis proved to be an exceptional choice and I am so satisfied by the end result that I am currently thinking of having it for my upper arms too!

Christine B.

A year ago, I was about to have a surgical operation for my facial skin and wrinkles. Still, I had second thoughts about finally proceeding to an operation like this, coz I am not a big fan on knives. So, I decided to search for alternative methods, and that’s where I run into Exilis, which seemed to be a fairly respectable choice, despite that I was warned that maybe the outcome wouldn’t be so radical. Nevertheless, I took my chances and had 4 Exilis treatments on my face and the neck. It was a sensible choice, eventually! In none of these sessions did I encounter significant discomfort, while each one lasted for only 30′ and no recovery time was needed after them. Now, there have been 4 months after having received the whole package and my family and friends can’t stop telling me that my appearance is so much radiant and sparkling! The total cost was $1,800, and it deserved every penny of it!

PS: Before Opting for an aesthetic procedure please read our article on the Ethics of Aesthetics to help yourself decide responsibly!

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