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How Radio Frequency Disrupts Fat – Mechanism of Action

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What is Radio Frequency

First things first lets have a look at the term Radio Frequency! RF is a rate of oscillation (in other words: frequency) between 3 kHz to 300 GHz and this is the frequency of Radio waves (wavelength between 1mm and 100km)! Radio Frequency waves (aka Radio waves) is actually an electromagnetic radiation type which is utilized in many medical treatments! In the next paragraphs we will try to describe/explain the mechanism of action that is followed in order for the Radio Frequency energy to bring about fat removal!

Related Studies

Many Clinical Studies have taken place in order to count the effectiveness of Radio Frequency by Sadick, Mullholland, Tanzi and many other scientists and the results were showing important reduction of fat tissue with minimal side effects!

Mechanism of Action

  • Radio Frequency waves applied externally or internally penetrate into the deeper skin layers and are absorbed by lipocytes!
  • Fat cells show high resistance to Radio waves (2180 Ohm) while surrounding tissues have much lower resistance (for example muscle tissue’s resistance is at 110 Ohm). The difference in resistance of fat cells and surrounding tissues leads to the heating of fat cells!
  • The physical properties of cell membranes change (due to the heat) and increased permeability is noticed! At the same moment exclusive heating of fat tissue causes the fat cells too boost their metabolic activity. Finally heating causes increased vascular perfusion
  • Due to the above changes the fat cells content (triglycerides) is released through the membrane and fat tissue is significantly reduced!
  • The connective tissue of fat layer is also affected while RF boosts the production of heat shock proteins and collagen! This shrinks even more the fatty tissue

Radio Frequency energy is usually combined with cooling in order for the patient to avoid severe burns!

how radio frequency works


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