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i Lipo Reviews

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We receive many reviews on several liposuction technologies in a daily base and we thought that it would be useful for our visitors to be aware of real testimonials from real consumers! So here we go with representative parts of the testimonials for i Lipo:

Lindsay Anderson

Once I left the clinic, it was time for me to hit the exercise bike and do the minimum 30 minutes of cardio. As I said, you must burn up the floating fat as soon as possible. This makes sure that they are getting excreted rather than being reabsorbed back into the fat cells. Once I was done with my cardio, I went ahead and drank a lot of water (I guess it was 3-4 glasses) for finding out, if it was not perhaps the water weight, which I lost from the procedure. Behold, it was 5 hours from that time and I was there sitting pretty in the same shape.

Anyways, now, I am more than excited for doing some more session. I have literally parted ways with an amount of weight in minutes, which would have taken me close to a week to get rid of. And even a week would have required me to go through careful dieting as well as a lot of exercises. In fact, I was only as impressed with any cosmetic treatment as I am with this, was when I had botox.

Linda Morgan

Once the treatment is over, fat is kind of moving freely in your system. I don’t know how exactly it works, but I was advised to do some workout for close to half an hour. It was to help in burning up the fat, which was pulled out from my fat cells.

Once the procedure was done, I was directed to a private gym, where I spent the next hour on cross trainer, cycling and rowing machine. I was working quite hard, as I figured that I had a free gym with no one overlooking me. Again, I felt that the more I workout, the better it would show the result on me. After the session, I took a shower, got back into my dress and came back home.

Overall, I would describe it as a good experience. I can say that between the day, when I got operated and today, I have gone through a lot of meals, but I barely feel a difference. At least, it is not visible to the naked eye. However, the tape measures me to be a tad smaller, which means that it should have done something.

Again, as it was only the first one of the three treatments, so I will have to see that whether or not it offers the result as promised. She did say that there are bound to be dramatic results, in case of slightly larger people, which has made me even more excited.

This treatment has also left a mark on my mental state as well. Now, I am more into exercising and dieting regularly, as I do not wish to have the removed fat to come back again. This is a wonderful way of keeping yourself as you are.

Katrin Thomas

When I first made a move for iLipo, it was 3 months prior to the most special day in my life, my wedding. At that time, I was quite overweight (size 18). I would have certainly not fit into my dream wedding dress, which I had bought a month back. I was quite sad for that.

At that time, I got a recommendation by a very close friend of mine about this treatment. I am going to admit this now that initially, I was quite dubious about this. The reason for it was that I had tried everything possible under the sun, but it could not do any good to me. However, at the end, I can easily say that this is the only thing, which has given me the results.

I would like to thank Mandy for her support as well as thank her team. Now, I can fit into my dress. I have lost a lot of inches from my stomach, ribs and back. I can never have enough of thanking them for making the way I am today. I was feeling so special on my wedding day.

Now, it has already been 3 months, since I got married and I am coming back here again. This time though, I am not here to fit into a special dress. Instead, I am here to get that feeling of being healthy and happy. There is no doubt to the fact that by having the treatment, my attitude towards my eating habits change, I start doing more exercise and I get more confidence about my body. It makes me feel good about how much I have lost in ‘Inches’ every week.

Janice Young

Initially, both me and my wife were unsure about it. However, after having a lot of thought, we finally decided to register for this. We were on board with the routine, regarding training and eating, which John and Mandy advised.

Couple of weeks before the treatment, we have made a lot of change in the manner we ate. We were exercising thrice a week. At the time we were to be operated upon, we lost a considerable amount of weight. Our eating habits had become sensible and now, training became an integral part of our lives. Therefore, treatment was an addition to everything what we did then.

4 weeks following the treatment, we could see the results and they were truly remarkable. I had already got rid of 5 percent of body fat from the area, where I got treated. For people, who know this, they would know that a BMI of 5% is huge. However, you should know that the reason for our success was down to everything working in sync. We were eating well, exercising almost regularly and this treatment.

I would suggest that in case you wish to make an investment in the treatment, then you should be prepared for giving proper commitment. If you plan to keep on with your current routine, you should not bother yourself, as there are high chances that you might not be served with the desired results.

PS: Before Opting for an aesthetic procedure please read our article on the Ethics of Aesthetics!

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    Ilipo never worked for me, very, very

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