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“i-Lipo Vs Cool Sculpting” by Dr. Mark Schusterman

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by Dr. Mark Schusterman

What about that muffin top still blobbing out of your body? It’s about time that you find a way to fix it. For all the patients who prefer a non-invasive surgical procedure, both i-Lipo and Cool Sculpting are preferable fat reduction treatments benefitting the patients with the removal of excess fats in the body. Both the methods involve safe procedures and less risk and complications unlike surgical procedures which come with serious consequences later. Choice of either of these non-surgical procedures is solely dependent on patient’s demands, goals and the expected outcomes.

Mark A. Schusterman

Mark A. Schusterman

i-Lipo is the newest technology in laser lipolysis (more info here) which offers you treatment without any painful consequences. It is a non-obtrusive procedure that is used to remove excess fat and shape up your body. Laser beams are used to melt away unwanted fats which are later on metabolized and eventually drained out of the body through strenuous exercises. It is absolutely safe unlike other procedures, both surgical and non-surgical. I-lipo is non-surgical procedure of fat-removal therefore, the patient does not get any scars or cuts and the infection risks are declined to minimum. It is not at all discomforting or painful. This is one reason why patients prefer i-Lipo over other weight loss methods. i-Lipo appears to be a natural way to get rid of excess and unwanted fats and helps in giving you the perfect body shape you always wanted.

As far as Coolsculpting (details here) is concerned, it is another latest non-surgical liposuction alternative of getting rid of the fat cells. The process works on the principle of freezing the excess fat cells to death, which eventually flush out of the body with exercise. Cool Sculpting is another excellent option as it is non-invasive and extremely quick. The major difference between the two treatments lie on how much fat has to be removed. Therefore, the option changes from person to person and their individual requirement of fat removal. The best procedure always depends on how much fat you want to remove. Cool sculpting is different from i-Lipo and does not serve merely as a weight loss solution for people with obesity. Neither is it an alternative method for a surgical method of weight loss. The procedure treats the patients with considerable bulges on their bodies due to extra fat peeping out of the body. In order to get rid of such blobs, they choose cool sculpting as an option. The doctor should be consulted at the very first instance to determine which procedure is right for you and which would simply not suit you well.

Cool sculpting in comparison to i-Lipo is indeed an imploring procedure since no anesthesia is used in the process and the recovery time is the quickest. For all those patients who have a well-shaped body with excess fats blobs in the lower abdomen or love handle, this is definitely the best technique to lose that extra fat. Also, in contrast to i-Lipo procedure, cool sculpting is cost effective as well with noticeable results on the spot.

There are always the people who want the quick fix. With cool sculpting, the outcomes are relatively predictable. However, regular exercise and healthy life style can add more to the health and well being without having to worry about fat excess. Cosmetic procedures provide satisfactory results only if the patient has realistic expectations instead of a perfectly sketched map of results.

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Dr. Mark Schusterman

Dr. Mark Schusterman

Dr. Mark A. Schusterman is a much anticipated researcher and surgeon in the field of Liposuction.He is affiliated with five different hospitals of great repute in the respective field at this time including The Methodist Hospital.

Dr. Schusterman is the man of knowledge and experience with lots of honors and rewards in his career. He has developed interest in plastic surgery in last few years after having his expertise in the field of anesthetic surgery. He was included in the prestigious book “the best doctors” by Woodward (edition 1997-98). He is known as one of the most reliable surgeons to perform plastic surgery in Houston.
Dr. Mark Schusterman

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