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Lipo Ex

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Lipo Ex is a proprietary brand of non invasive liposuction utilizing the LipoTron 3000 device (manufactured from RevecoMED). Lipo Ex claims to succesfully melt away stubborn fat the painless way and also fight cellulite! Lipo Ex was not FDA Approved till the moment this article was written!

How does Lipo Ex Work?

LipoTron 3000 uses bipolar radio frequency in order to boost the core temperature of your body. RF can recognize fat cells due to its water content, so it is able to selectively heat ONLY fat cells. Heating will melt fat (read how), boost collagen production and help in skin tightening! Once the fat simply “melts away,” your body’s lymphatic system removes it naturally (just like it happens with other non surgical procedures like i Lipo). The Lipo Ex procedure is supposed to feel similar to a hot stone massage, and the company claims that many customers fall asleep during the relaxing procedure. With Lipo-Ex you need to go in for multiple treatments (8 treatments are recommended) before you start to see results.


LipoTron 3000Lipo-Ex’s claim to fame is that theirs is the first technology to safely target the visceral fat cells which are behind the muscle wall and around internal organs. This fat is not only unhealthy -its supposed to increase the possibility of heart diseases- but also notoriously stubborn and difficult to deal with through exercise and diet. The company states that you can expect to drop 2-3 inches and up to ten pounds within 6-8 weekly treatments.

Lipo Ex Reviews

Right now it is difficult to find independent reviews and comprehensive information on the process from its manufacturer—most information comes from the websites of clinics that offer the procedure. This can give you an understanding of how the process works and what to expect, though the lack of independent reviews is still problematic when you’re making your decision—so you probably should ask for patient referrals before you get treated, even though this is a nonsurgical procedure. While nonsurgical techniques like this one tend to be less dramatic than surgical procedures, some are still better than others at producing noticeable results within a reasonable timeframe and budget.

Areas to be treated

The most common areas to be treated are: Under the eyes, under the chin, bra bulges, love handles, abdomens, buttocks, thighs and face!


The average cost for a 8-treatment session according to Realself is at $1,475!

Before and After Photos

Lets have a look at some Before/After-8-treatments Photos:

thighs lipo ex before after photo

love handles lipo ex before after photo

Abdomens lipo ex before after photo

Our Advice

With any non surgical liposuction procedure, results are going to be less dramatic. So if you are far above your ideal weight and you want to lose a lot of fat, you’re going to spend a lot of money for results that are probably less than ideal. If however you are already fairly close to your ideal weight and just want to lose a few pounds or slim up a stubborn area where you have a persistent pocket of fat, Lipo-Ex or a similar noninvasive procedure may provide you with what you need. With procedures like this one it is particularly important that you keep up with your lifestyle and eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. That’s the only way for you to maintain the results.

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