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LipoLight is a new technology that attacks the fat cells under the skin and unleashes their fat contents between the cells, appearing as a reasonable and natural way for targeted fat loss without serious inconvenience. Nonetheless, and despite the alleged scientific advancements incorporated, neither there is solid evidence that this method has been approved by the FDA nor it is deemed as a popular choice by a notable number of individuals.

How Does LipoLight Work?

Lipo-Light integrates LED Light Therapy, which is a patented technology that causes a modification of the cell chemistry in the treated areas. More specifically, the use of this method causes the cell membranes to lose their round shape and thus contribute to the release of the lipase enzyme. Following this procedure, the triglyceride molecules are broken down to fatty acids and water, which are either shed off the system as waste or used as energy fuel for various body functions and activities.

To deliver these results, a total of approximately 10 sessions (lasting for about 20 to 30 minutes each) are needed. However, the makers of LipoLight state that noticeable inch loss of 1-2 inches is feasible even from the first visit. Furthermore, when combined with some modest changes in diet and an average exercising routine, the results can be maximized, theoretically at least.

Finally, the recuperation period is limited.

The video below shows exactly how Lipo-Light Works:


The clinics that perform Lipo-Light claim that this method can render a series of advantages which can significantly improve the appearance of the traditional trouble spots of the body. Some of these are:

  • Its ability to impede the production of new fat cells; therefore, in comparison with the customary liposuction procedures, in which the fat cells are simply eliminated from the areas that have received remedy, LipoLight seems to have a plus point here. As a result, even if a person who has had LipoLight performed gains some body weight later, fat is less likely to get stored again.

  • The triggering of lipolysis; during this course of action, free fatty acids are released into the bloodstream and flow into the system, and can be used as energy rather than being accumulated on the body.

  • The toning of the treated areas; owing to the heat and light generated by the device, collagen production is induced and evident tightening and firming are achieved.

Areas To Be Treated

LipoLight can be performed on various body areas, with the most applicable being the midsection, the hips, the thighs, the upper legs and the arms.

Side Effects

The adverse reactions expected by a LipoLight treatment are assumed to be very mild. In fact, the procedure is considered as relatively painless and comforting while no scars are left after the operation. However, the lack of an adequate amount of feedback by actual users (see below) makes proper evaluation of the whole subject a quite problematic task. Consequently, the use of LipoLight may actually bring about side effects which cannot be currently predicted (although bruising and swelling might be anticipated).


In accordance with the above, it was hard to trace data concerning the expenditure that a LipoLight series of treating courses may have. For example, finding the average cost from was not possible. Even so, taking into consideration that one treating session costs around £250 to £300, and that a total of 8 to 10 courses will be needed to deliver satisfactory results, a sum of £2,200 to £3,000 can be estimated. This price is significantly less than the cost for a liposuction procedure, and therefore, it can be regarded as affordable.

LipoLight Reviews

As outlined before, real testimonials by individuals who have actually used LipoLight are scarce. Still, sufficient inch loss and firming of the stubborn fat have been reported, but unfortunately, there is a shortage of solid proof that this technique truly works. This is why we published a few real Lipo Light Testimonials right here!

Before And After Photos
LipoLight Before and After Photos

LipoLight Before and After Photos

Our Advice

As expected, this evaluation cannot be very favorable, mainly because sturdy evidence to support its true value does not exist. Thus, despite the fact that the technology integrated might actually render a decent outcome (which is however verified by only few reviews), its effectiveness cannot be taken for granted. Moreover, a balanced diet plan and a regular exercise regime are needed so as to support the action of LipoLight, therefore, why not start with these two principal steps and then consider having a remedy of this type?

Regardless of these remarks, if you finally do proceed to LipoLight, you should be a good candidate for that, thusly it is essential to consult your medical provider before the operation. If you have a medical record including cancer, leukemia, epilepsy, cardiac arrythmia, thyroid, hypertension, kidney, liver diseases etc., you may be eventually deterred from having a LipoLight procedure.

In any case, the final choice is yours.

PS: Before Opting for an aesthetic procedure please read our article on the Ethics of Aesthetics!

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