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Liposuction And Liposuction Alternatives

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While many liposuction techniques have been launched during the last years and many new will come, we decided to gather them all and present them in this article! Before we continue, it is important to clarify a couple of things! When speaking of liposuction, we refer to all surgical techniques that bring about destruction and removal of fat via suction. When speaking of Liposuction Alternatives, we refer to non surgical technologies which take advantage of the lymphatic system of the human body in order for fat to be removed the natural way (instead of suctioning it out)! Having said that, it’s about time we presented our complete list of the Liposuction and Liposuction Alternative Techniques (click the links for more info on each technique)


Some of the most common Laser Liposuction techniques are:

liposuction and liposuction alternatives

Liposuction Alternatives

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  1. A study has shown that VASER assisted liposuction can help with the “clinical effects of coagulation, fat aspiration, and skin tightening,” as stated in the results of a 2011 study published in Journal of Cosmetics. This study also stated that ” technology offers superior performance compared with other methods of liposuction due to increased skin tightening and mild operation resulting in higher safety, patient tolerance, and fast recovery.” A third study also published in 2011, also reported
    “The optimal patient appears to have excess adipose with mild to moderate skin laxity and is adverse to the usual length of scars associated with excisional surgery.” This study also confirmed earlier studies that found that ultrasound also helped new collagen to form thus improving skin contraction by filling out the areas fat was removed from.

    Dr Rhys Branman
    Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center

    • Thank you so much for your report Dr Branman! Indeed, VASER Lipo seems to be much more effective in terms of skin tightening comparing to traditional liposuction techniques, but when it comes to Laser it seems that it is the ultimate skin tightening option. Do you have a different opinion/experience/knowledge on that?

      Thanks again for your valueable feedback

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