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Thermage is an FDA approved type of facial treatment which is advertised to tighten and tone loose skin. It was firstly introduced in 2002 and it claims to deliver body and face contouring with relatively short recovery period.

How Does Thermage Work?

Thermage is a proprietary non-invasive, non-surgical technique that uses radio frequency technology (like Lipo Ex does) to tighten and contour the skin. The procedure requires only a single session, and not a cluster of sessions, which is a typical fact for non-invasive techniques like this one. The goal of this technology is to produce remarkable results within a short time period as well as to give the patient a downtime-free experience. Thermage heats the deep skin layers while at the same moment cooling (delivering cryogen) the surface in order to avoid harming the external tissues! The heating of the skin tissue stimulates the production of collagen thus causing skin tightening! At the same moment its noticed that Thermage disrupts an amount of fat due to RF waves heating and this is why we included it at the liposuction alternatives group.

thermage device


Although the results cannot be considered as impressive, a Thermage procedure can deliver relatively smoother and tighter skin and effectively soften wrinkles, especially those around the eyes – this is why we also put it at the facelift alternatives tag; also, it contours the area under the chin and come up with a more rejuvenated skin. In terms of the body area, it can render decent results in shaping the abdomens, arms, legs and buttocks.

Areas To Be Treated

While the Thermage procedure can be used on larger areas of the body like thighs and buttocks, it is typically used for the face and hands, while it may also be used on zones around the eyes, lips and other sensitive areas. In addition, Thermage is commonly recommended as a treatment for cellulite.

Side Effects

Unfortunately, and despite the alleged high level of technology integrated, the main complaint of many users is aching, as a lot of customers report that this treatment solution triggers an intense pain sensation. That means that the procedure is also traumatic, which obviates the two main reasons for resorting to a non-invasive treatment – that is to avoid pain and trauma.

Thermage Cost

According to, a Thermage treatment will cost you around $2,425.

Thermage Reviews

Unlike most fat removal techniques, Thermage seems to have an overwhelming number of negative reviews. Whether these reviews are all for real or whether some have been posted by competitors is unclear (this being the internet after all), but there seems to be no reason to suspect this, considering that independent reviews on the same websites for other fat removal methods are generally positive – and the stories are quite detailed.

The main complaint of patients is the lack of results. The main reason for this is that some patients mistake this as a fat removal procedure, whereas technically it is mostly a skin-tightening procedure. Since Thermage is often clumped together with liposuction techniques, it seems pretty confusing at first, but this is not a procedure for removing fat. So, if you want to have fat removed, Thermage is not what you are looking for, and you will not see any results of that nature. Another reason for the lack of results may be genuine ineffectiveness. A lot of customers seem to have understood in advance that this was only a procedure for skin, but were still unsatisfied with the results.

Unlike most procedures, where negative reviews come down to one of two things (unrealistic expectations or a bad doctor), many Thermage results (or, in fact, the absence of results) seem to have nothing to do with the doctor’s skill level or the expectations of the patients, but instead are connected to the ineffectual nature of the technique; and that is definitely something to be wary of.

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Before and After Photos

thermage before and after photos

Our Advice

Although Thermage initially appears like an attractive choice for a smoother and younger-looking face, in fact, it cannot be regarded as a very reliable solution. Of course, there are positive reviews for the procedure, but there are actually more negative reviews than positive reviews. So, should you avoid Thermage at all costs? Maybe, maybe not – it’s better to rely on your own research and risk assessment to make your own decision. Probably you should ask for advice and testimonials in forums dedicated to cosmetics like However, there are many options out there which seem to have a much better reputation. But this is your health, so you have to take it seriously. So, think twice before you consider this technique or finally opt for something else which has more reliable positive results.

Useful Resources

PS: Before Opting for an aesthetic procedure please read our article on the Ethics of Aesthetics to help yourself decide responsibly!

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