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Zerona Reviews

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Below you can read a few representative parts from the testimonials we received for Zerona, the sophisticated non surgical liposuction alternative manufactured by Erchonia!

Melanie Eaton

On the day, when I was to be treated, I visited there at 8:30 AM after dropping my daughter off at her school. When I was there, first thing, which we did, was take the before photos.
The SELF’s research team was quite detailed on what they were doing. I was pleased with the fact that they wanted to take everything into consideration for the ‘After’ photos. There was a little footmark left on the spot, where I stood at the time of the picture being taken. This was done to make sure that after photo will be taken in the same spot and in the same manner. After that, I was measured.
Next, I had to lay on the bed, where the laser was just above me. Initially, I was a bit shaken, but things were not at all painful for me. Instead, I could say that it was a relaxing experience. It was only 20 minutes into the treatment, when Dr Jame popped up. Doctor made me to turnover. I was marveled with lights, which were lingering on me like a caring octopus. It was noiselessly targeting the fat in my body. It was too good to be true and the results made me to return back 5 times.
In between the session, I was feeling quite great. The idea of seeing my fat melt in front of me, when I was literally doing nothing was quite good.
I was not allowed to drink alcohol during treatments. Perhaps, no intake of wine for a fortnight might have helped in melting fats as well. However, I will take it in whatever manner that it comes.
Following the last session, Dr Jane told me that I should come back in 7-10 days, as there would be more fat melting. When I returned and we measured, the fat loss had increased. I had parted ways with close to 10-inch on the whole.

Anna Lewis

Once you have undressed and you are lying down, you have to choose a position to start. I chose my stomach, as I wished to read at the same time. However, it is a bit awkward, as you have to get hold of the side too, so that the machine can target more surface area. Oh, and you must slip out of your bra too. Yes, the machine can penetrate paper, but it cannot work on your clothing. So unless you are wearing a paper bra, off it will go.
Now, the medical esthetician comes. He wheels this machine over. He needs to position the machine in such a manner that each of its head is at least 4-6 inches away from your body. However, all of them should be hovering around the trunk area. As soon as it is in place, the esthetician is going to leave and you will have to lie there for a period of 20 minutes. During that time, a small red laser beam is going to circle around the body.
Once 20 minutes are over, the esthetician is going to come back and he is going to flip you over on the other side for more 20 minutes. You should know that when on back, you will have to get topless having your arms up. The one thing, which you will be able to and nothing else, is snooze. Yes, you might be feeling quite weird with the fact that you would be naked practically. However, considering from their point of view, you are just another body. So, you should think that and be less uncomfortable.
And that is the entire process. Again, it is quite painless and you are not going to feel anything at all. I have heard about worse ways for dropping pounds out there.
Since there is another measuring session through the treatment, I will wait till then. Once I will get the results in my hand, I will share it here. Hopefully, there would be some results to share with you.

Evangeline Dumars

You can call it a physically painless procedure. However, financially, it is quite painful. I have found that this procedure produces less effect, when it comes to offering any notable change in your appearance. When it comes to the pictures and the claims, which they make, I have found them to be quite exaggerated. Actually i had 3 treatments and probably this is the reason my results were so limited. I was already in good shape and eating healthy as well. However, there were few spots, which were quite stubborn and I was not able to have them off. I did got rid of a couple of inches on the whole. However, I didn’t find it any relation between the price I paid and result, which I got. At this stage, I am regretting the money, which I spend on the procedure.

Kim Leon

I opted for the treatment, when I was 40. I never wanted to go for this treatment, but my husband forced me into this procedure. He felt that I was quite bulky and he didn’t like it at all.
I would say that the treat was not at all painful, even though there was a little burn feeling, which was there. However, it was nothing, which could not be tolerated.
Altogether, I took 9 sets of treatment. During those treatments, doctors used laser for burning fats. The entire treatment took me less than a couple of weeks. And the results were quite significant as well. Almost all the areas of my body shed some sort of weight. Major problematic areas for me were tummy, hips and thighs.
I continued with the entire procedure, following the first treatment, as I found a considerable difference in me. On the 9th day, I was having a very slim figure to be admired. And the best part was that there was no serious surgery done to achieve that. There were no side effects too.
My doctor asked me to walk for an hour on a regular basis and include a healthy eating diet as well. Walking was something that I never wanted to do. Initially, it was difficult for me. However, now, I realized that this is one of the important things to do, if you want to remain in a good shape. So, I am trying hard at walking, as I do not want to become bulky again.

PS: Before Opting for an aesthetic procedure please read our article on the Ethics of Aesthetics!

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Zerona Reviews 4.63/5 (92.63%) 38 votes

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  1. claire trautmann says:

    This procedure did mothing for me. I received 12 treatments and nothing happened. It was then blamed on me. I had bad lymphnods, I must not be drinking eniugh water or eating incorrectly, I am too old. I eat healthy and get more excerise than is recommended. I also drank more water than told and cut out all caffeine an alcohol. A real waste of a lot of money.

    • It’s pity to read this. You are one on the big list that report lack of efficacy and this is not a surprise while many others shared similar stories. I don’t know if i have something to suggest :/ Thank you for sharing and other visitors should do the same in order for people considering Zerona to be able to learn from your experience

    • Sandy blanket says:

      The same thing happened to me!!! And, I wasted almost $2000

      • Can you provide more info, photos etc? It’s bad to read some customers faced such issues!! And this is why we give our visitors the opportunity to share their experience.. to help other choose more sensibly!

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