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Comparing the 3 Types of Body Contouring

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by Verju Creative Director David Johnson

Body Contouring has been used as an effective method of losing weight and trimming and toning after weight loss for quite a while now, but much advancement in the procedure and the development of new treatments have created safer, more effective techniques than ever. Today, we’ll look at the 3 different types of body contouring, the costs and risks involved with each, and the reasons why one type may be more appropriate for your needs.

body contouringTumescent Liposuction

Tumescent lipo is what we sometimes refer to as “traditional” liposuction, wherein an incision is made in various points and a tube, called a cannula, which is attached to a vacuum-like device, is inserted to break up and remove fat tissue. It is performed using a local anesthetic and a wetting solution to break up the fatty deposits underlying the skin.

Tumescent liposuction has moved a long way from the days of hospital stays and long recovery times, although you can expect some down time (typically one to two weeks), depending on the amount of fatty tissues removed and the area of the body involved.

Costs vary wildly with this type of liposuction. Cost depends on your location, how many areas you wish to treat, the size of those areas, and other factors. A complete overhaul of the abdomen, back, arms, and legs can cost upward of $10,000.

There are some risks involved, especially the risk of infection, as the procedure is invasive and does require breaking of the skin. Also, anesthesia can cause reactions as mild as a skin rash or constipation and as extreme as anaphylactic shock. While the risks are typically minimal, they should be taken seriously.

Ideal candidates for tumescent liposuction are those who have stubborn, slow-to-diminish deposits that diet and exercise just aren’t helping to remove. Because of the invasiveness of the procedure, overall general good health helps reduce the risk factors involved, as well as increases the chances of a speedy recovery. Those with certain chronic health issues such as diabetes may not be suitable for tumescent liposuction.

Tumescent Liposuction with Laser Assistance

Tumescent lipo with laser assistance varies from traditional tumescent liposuction in only one way. Instead of a wetting solution being injected under the skin to break up the fatty tissue deposits, a laser is used instead. This type of liposuction also has one advantage over tumescent liposuction alone. The laser affects the collagen in the skin, helping it to tighten and shrink. Thus, tumescent liposuction with laser assistance can result in a trimmer and tighter look.

Tumescent lipo with laser assistance costs roughly the same as liposuction without laser assistance. Again, costs vary depending on your location, the clinic you choose, the areas you wish to treat, and the size of those areas. Many cosmetic centers won’t give quotes over the phone, and the reason for that is that there are just too many variables that affect price. Make an appointment for a consultation if you would like to get a more realistic view of what you can expect to pay.

With more advanced techniques and smaller incisions, liposuction with laser assistance can be safer. This depends on the doctor performing the procedure, of course. One advantage is that the low-level laser application prior to the procedure helps the patient to heal more quickly, with less bruising and pain.

The ideal candidates remain pretty much the same, with those having “trouble spots” being more appropriate and desirable than those with larger amounts of tissue to remove.

Low-Level Laser Fat Reduction

This type of liposuction requires no invasive procedures, as the laser is applied to the skin. The laser used to break up fatty tissue deposits by breaking the cell walls (more info right here). This allows the water and other fluids stored inside to be flushed away by the body’s own waste removal system.

The cost of low-level laser fat reduction is much cheaper than either of the previous options. Whereas a full-body makeover can cost more than $10,000 with traditional liposuction, laser liposuction costs roughly $1,750 for 6 treatment sessions, and covers various areas of the body.

The risks are almost non-existent, as there is no invasiveness, no anesthesia, and no wetting solution involved.

Ideal candidates are those who only have a mild to moderate amount of excess fat to lose, instead of those with larger amounts of fatty tissues to remove. The ideal candidate lives a healthy lifestyle and is committed to a nutritious diet and regular exercise. Unlike the previous two options, low-level laser fat reduction doesn’t actually destroy the fat cells. It simply drains them, and they can fill up again. So committing to a healthy lifestyle will keep your results going strong.

Making Your Choice

The only way to know if body contouring in any of its various forms is right for you is to seek a consultation with a trusted professional. Thorough discussion with your doctor is highly recommended before scheduling any procedure. Most professionals recommend seeing a counselor to ensure that your body image concerns are healthy or merely following a trend or self-esteem issue. Body contouring is not something to take lightly, nor is it to be undertaken without a great deal of thought and careful consideration. Liposuction is considered a surgical treatment and should only be performed by a certified and trained physician. Anesthesia, wetting solutions, laser treatments, and everything involved in the after-care with liposuction in all its forms are serious medical procedures and should be administered only by qualified personnel.

Liposuction, regardless of the type, can make a huge difference in your life and your looks. It can lend you a confidence and poise you were lacking before. It can create a sense of pride and accomplishment. It can be of great benefit to you in many ways, and not all of them simply physical. Be sure you know what to expect, what the costs and risks are, and what the outcome may be. After all, you only have one you, and you deserve the best you have to give yourself.

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David Johnson

Creative Director at Verju
David Johnson is the Creative Director at Verju. Verju by Erchonia is a new revolutionary device designed specifically for the treatment of cellulite. In his free time David enjoys writing, craft beers, and practicing Brazillian Jiu Jitsu at his local gym.

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